Lucy Peach is using her own period blood to fertilise the lemon tree in her backyard.


While most of us are clutching onto our plastic straws and whinging about the plastic bag ban, Lucy Peach is recycling her period blood.

Yep, the feminist folk-pop singer songwriter has been diluting her period blood with water, and then using it to fertilise the lemon tree in her backyard.

Peach AKA The Period Preacher shared a photo of her homemade fertiliser on Instagram earlier this week.

“I made this with my body and my lemon tree loves it. This #plasticfreejuly consider investing in #reusablepads and loving your garden,” she captioned the post.


Speaking to Mamamia, Peach explained that she often uses reusable pads which she rinses out to use again. She then pours the leftover water in her garden.

“This is really easy to do if you use reusable pads because you soak them in water anyway,” she explains. “When I rinse out my reusable pads or Thinx pants I use a bucket with cold water and my hands to squeeze the blood from the fabric, noticing the colour gradient changing in the water.”

The performer said the idea to use it in her garden came to her one day as she was just about to tip it down the sink.

“‘This is useful,’ I thought and started pouring it on the gooseberry bush which has bloomed prolifically in appreciation and I have to prune it regularly.”

Peach now pours the water over her lemon tree and veggie patch as well.

“Giving my blood back to the earth is now a monthly ritual, that reminds me how magnificent my body is,” she says.


Peach said she’s been surprised by the positive reaction she’s received from her post.

“If I make a menstrual related post on social media, sometimes I lose a few followers but generally, the overwhelming response is from women saying they feel empowered and also more recently from men saying, ‘Hey, that’s actually pretty cool!’,” she explains.

“And it is cool. Saving money, avoiding plastic and reusing your own blood on things that grow is very cool. When you think about it, it’s quite weird that we would be comfortable going to a garden centre to buy blood and bone fertiliser for our garden and yet we wouldn’t just use our own… for free.”

You can read more about Lucy’s work, including her live show How To Period Like A Unicorn, here and follow her on Instagram here