Francesca fell head over heels for a woman. Then she introduced her lover to her husband.

Part one of this story, ‘While Francesca’s husband was away, she had the most erotic experience of her life with a woman’ can be read right here.

This story contains explicit scenes and is NSFW. 

Emily pulls back a little from our embrace. I can see that my suggestion about a threesome with Nathan has surprised her.

“Are you sure about Nathan and… us?”

We had spent the afternoon devouring one another, and I was desperate not to let go. I held on to her tightly, not wanting to lose what I had found. “Oh yes, he’s a man who’s so sure of himself that he doesn’t try to control what I do while he’s away on business.”

Emily looks at me quizzically. “He doesn’t get jealous or check up on you?”

“He doesn’t need to, he’s so damned good in bed, no other man could come close; and he knows it. But he won’t mind my having found another woman to keep me company while he’s away.”

I disengage myself from Emily to reach into a bedside drawer and pull out a blindfold. “In fact, I think he’ll be pleased.”

She smiles. “You want me to blindfold you?”

“No — well, not right now.” I reply, laughing. “I shall use this to introduce you to Nathan.”

Emily looks puzzled. “I don’t quite follow, what do you have in mind?”

“In some ways Nathan is very predictable. After a month away from me, I can guarantee that within a minute of walking through the door, he’ll take me whenever and wherever.”


“So what’s with the blindfold?”

“That’s part of one of the games we play — we have a little arrangement that whoever puts the blindfold on, is the only one allowed to remove it.”

Emily laughs at that.

“When I blindfold him, he’ll know I have a surprise in store but he won’t know what; but he will stay that way until I take the blindfold off. I’ll make sure he’s oblivious to anything else.”

“So where do I come in? Or should I say when?’ Emily giggles at my little plot.

“Nathan will get home at 8.30pm. Give me half an hour, then look across to our bedroom window. When he’s blindfolded, I’ll flick the bedside light on and off three times. That will be the signal for you to come over.”

“OK — if you’re sure it will work. I really wouldn’t want to intrude on you guys.”

“It will be OK, there is a key under the plant pot by the front door, just let yourself in quietly and come upstairs. He’ll be too busy to hear you coming in.”

NSFW sex threesome
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I meet Nathan in the hallway, naked except for stockings and five inch heels, wet with need of him. I can’t even wait to have my clothes ripped off, though sometimes I buy things from thrift stores so he can do just that.

He takes me in his arms and the thrust of my naked flesh against him reinforces the certainty of his need as I feel his hard desire rising.

"Feels as though you’ve missed me," I whisper in his ear, as my hand teases across the bulge in his pants.

"You know I have." At that I’m picked up, thrown over his shoulder and carried upstairs, taken into the bedroom and dumped on the bed. He stands looking down on me; when he looks at me like that, I feel like property. I am property, his property. I like being owned by Nathan. It gives me a beautiful warm glow.

I look up at him. "Strip for me, I want to see all of you before you take me."

He is my male stripper fantasy made real. He takes his clothes off slowly, knowing how his lean, hard body excites me. I move to the edge of the bed, and sit up. I look up at him and open my mouth in wide invitation. He twists my hair through his fingers and thrusts himself deep between my waiting lips.


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The taste of him is divine.

My tongue teases him, while he uses me. I reach up and curl my fingers in a tight softness around him, feeling his tension mount as I withdraw in tantalising slowness, savouring every contour of his beauty, every hard inch of what he is. My other hand strays down to find my own flowing need, then bring it up to add the flavour of myself as I suck him in around my wetted fingers.

The combination of both makes me explode in climactic ecstasy in seconds at such a perfect combination of touch, taste and scent. Having Nathan in my mouth while I climax is a different delight.

I draw him down on the bed on his back, still in my mouth, then disengage myself to crawl my writhing body up the length of his. My fingers reach back and wind around him as I guide him up into me. I whisper in his ear, "Put that where it belongs, my beautiful lover."

There comes that delicious, slow sliding in, as he makes me wait for every inch of him, as our tongues entwine with urgent fervour.

The upwelling sensation starts again, deep inside. "I need, I need… to come again, Nathan. I can’t stop myself."

"Do it, do it now — I want to feel you explode on me, you know I can’t get enough of you like this," Nathan growls in my ear, while he drives upwards to meet me. It is somehow a command, and one I need to obey instantly. My entire body spasms itself and shudders in waves across him as my second orgasm hits. My fingernails rake his skin in the sheer intensity of having him inside me. I cannot stop. My orgasm rolls on and on, focused on the one who owns me.


Nathan has the gift of making each time feel better than the last, while the last was the best that ever was.

After what seems an eternity, I collapse forward onto him, gasping for breath as my head buries itself in his shoulder.

"I’ve missed you so much," I murmur, nestling close. His arms tighten around me.

“I hate having to be away from you, leaving you on your own."

Eventually I surface and reach across to the bedside drawer and take out the blindfold. I draw it across his eyes in playful promise.

“A surprise?" His question is laced with a knowing grin.

"Wait and see," I say as I fix the blindfold in place, kissing him softly as I do so. I lean across to flick the bedside light three times, before lifting up and twisting myself round to sit down on his upturned face.

I feel that exquisite intimacy of his tongue finding me, drinking the outpouring of my passion while I lean forward to draw him deep into my mouth again, my fingers forming rings around his erect flesh to pull him in and out of me, enfolding him back and forth with tortured slowness. He knows how much I adore sixty-nine. I need to feel his tongue in me, while his masculine erection almost becomes a separate entity that I can make love to for hours, or just hold and look at for a while before devouring him again.


I know he loves the agony of that.

And he gives completely. His taking of me is wrapped in the giving of himself.

I feel him shudder in lost abandon, then glance up to see Emily standing by the side of the bed, naked, watching me. I motion her to kneel at the side of the bed, to get closer. Making a ring sign and clearly obscene movement with my thumb and forefinger I lift my mouth clear of Nathan several times to start a gentle rhythm, then draw Emily in to alternate her mouth with mine.

Encircling Nathan with my fingers, I guide him into her mouth, then continue the tortuous rhythm by holding the back of her head and driving her on.

Seeing Nathan disappear up to the hilt in Emily’s mouth brings a fresh dimension to my excitement, and I grind myself down on his face, wanting his tongue deeper still as another climax builds itself in me. I cannot contain the screaming intensity of it as I watch Emily pleasuring herself with Nathan while his tongue is deep inside me.

NSFW sex threesome
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My thighs grip Nathan’s head as he loses himself in what he’s doing to me. The pleasure of it is painful in its intensity as his teeth gently discover my clit. I moan in soft agony. I cannot get enough as the all consuming orgasm waves itself over me.

This is why Nathan isn’t the possessive type. He can force me to climax myself literally into unconscious oblivion. No one else has ever done that. It defines me as his property.

I don’t know if Nathan has guessed that there are two of us. Right now I don’t care, and he doesn’t seem to be complaining.

Nathan is still hard, erect and inviting. Emily leans over and kisses the tip of him, and grins at me. I make an inviting gesture and take her hand in mine and pull her up onto the bed. I lean forward and take Nathan gently in my right hand, and guide Emily with my left.


She straddles him, up on her knees, then lowers herself down slowly. I hold her eyes with mine as he disappears into her. When she is fully impaled, I pull her to me and we embrace in a long, passionate kiss.

Nathan drives himself into the two of us simultaneously. Our kiss explodes into a mutual climax as we scream into each other’s mouth above him.

We hold on breathlessly as we support each other on top of Nathan. "Don’t you think this is the perfect love triangle, Emily?" I ask.

"Mmmmmm yes I do," she replies.

We roll off Nathan, one either side of him, and each kiss him hard, while our fingers entwine together around his exquisite erection. He remains blindfolded, happy to play out my little game for as long as I want to. Two naked girls pressing themselves against him lets his fantasies run riot.

Without seeing us, Nathan twists his fingers in our hair and forces both of us down, and onto his waiting hardness.

Our lips meet eagerly around it, one sucking, one tongue caressing by turns, making him pleasure us both equally; his hands hold us there. He knows the power he has to drive us crazy. Our power lies in keeping him this way.

Emily notices Nathan’s first drop of pre-cum, and takes it on her tongue. She doesn’t swallow it, but offers to me in a kiss-exchange of what he is. We kiss with obscene abandon around him, claiming what we want from him.

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Feeling the rising throb of what we both desire, Nathan rises to meet our hands and lips, twisting upwards as we drain him, spurting white into our eagerly waiting mouths, drinking all that he has, licking the dregs from each other’s face, unwilling to lose any of it.

Our playbites and darting tongues keep him in a state of tormented ecstasy for minutes longer, until he drags us both up by the hair and kisses us each in turn, tasting himself on both of us.

I reach round and release his blindfold. He blinks at the light.

"Nathan, this is Emily, our new neighbour. I though we should try to make her welcome."

Nathan grins mischievously at both of us, and the surprise I’ve brought him. "Hello Emily, nice to meet you. I hope you’ll like living here, it’s a good neighbourhood."

"Oh I’m sure I shall," says Emily.

"Darling, it’s getting late, I thought Emily might like to stay for supper."

Nathan slips an arm under both of us, and snuggles us close in.

"I was thinking more of breakfast."

Somehow I think it’s going to be an interesting homecoming.

This story was originally published on, and was republished here with full permission. You might like Francesca Anderssen's novel “Need” (available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle).