It's time to start listening to the people who voted for Pauline Hanson.

Pauline Hanson has been voted back in. And Australia needs to stop and listen.

It’s been 18 years since the One Nation leader found popularity with her views on anti-immigration and anti-multiculturalism.

She gained global fame for her grass-roots conservative right wing sound bites. She was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Now, the former fish and chip shop owner – who wants to ban the burqa, install surveillance in all Mosques and prevent Muslim people from being sworn in to Parliament under the Qur’an – has the votes of more than 344,000 Australians behind her for representation in the Senate so far.

And we need to listen to them.

Because there is major discontent happening in Australia. Belief and confidence in the two major parties is at an all time low.

It’s more important than ever to figure out why.

Not so we give voice to ignorance, racism, xenophobia or blatant hateful discrimination – so we can form a bloody government.

We can’t even form a minority government at this point, let alone a majority one.

So why are people voting for a woman who spouts some of the most widely condemned ideologies in modern Australian politics?

Not only do more than 344,000 people who gave their vote to One Nation feel like no one is representing them – they feel like no one is listening to them.

Watch: Pauline Hanson puts the ‘media on notice.’ Post continues after video.

Video via Pauline Hanson

“There’s no doubt that there’s been some kind of repressed conservative vote that’s gone to Pauline Hanson. It will be very important to see how that has happened and why that has happened,” former Liberal Senator Helen Coonan told ABC.

“[Pauline Hanson’s] vote probably represents voters that have been parked somewhere for a very long time, a large number of years, and they’re obviously conservative voters who feel that our side of the record are not listening to them.”

It’s very clear that Pauline Hanson is the only thing that comes close to someone who her voters feel will bring to government issues that identify what they want, what they fear and what they are talking about.

This is what Australians who voted for Pauline Hanson are talking about.

Sharon Peart, 46, from Ballarat. 

Shelly Camilleri, 46, from Cunningham.

“She speaks her mind, doesn't tip toe around sensitive issues, what she says is what a lot believe in and fights to protect our oz not sell it (sic).

“[I have] always been a labour (sic) voter so they will always come first, if I could have voted for two firsts then One Nation would be there as well.


“I agree with most of on policies harsh when no bacon and egg rolls, no bacon at Maccas in certain suburbs as they are halal, no more mosques.

“Sadly yes [I believe muslims should be stopped from coming to Australia] only because too many choose not to assimilate with our culture and laws, some choose to follow sharia law n that can be dangerous

“Yes I do [believe in equality for Australia] if they are an Aussie then more power to the Aussie woman/man regardless of race, but we have a long way to go.

Joseph Papworth, 28, Hunter

“It's more Pauline herself. She has that "tell it like it is" attitude. She's the only one with the "balls" to say what everyone else is thinking.

“Just about keeping jobs for Australians, and some other things I can't think of off the top of my head.

“No I don't [believe in banning the Burqa and stopping people of Muslim faith coming into Australia]. I believe people have a choice to practice whatever religion or faith they choose, but also they shouldn't force their beliefs onto us.

“[It doesn’t really bother me that Pauline Hanson doesn’t believe in gay marriage]. I don't think I will ever get married, but I do think everyone should have a choice. I have gay friends who want to get married and they should have the right and choice to do so.

“[I’m hoping for] a better nation for all Australians”