Waleed Aly shoots down Pauline Hanson in 14 words on The Project.

“I’m flying a drone here. First time ever,” Senator Pauline Hanson says with glee.

In footage posted to her Twitter account on Wednesday, the One Nation leader whizzes a small drone between buildings while standing on a high-rise Townsville balcony.

“As long as I keep it under 400 feet, I’m right,” she says.

Turns out, it might not be that simple.

After receiving multiple complaints from the public, the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority confirmed via social media that it is “reviewing” the clip.

According to the CASA website, drones must not be flown closer than 30 metres to vehicles, boats, buildings or people, or over populous areas where — if the drone was to fail — it could hit someone.

Discussing the saga on The Project this evening, host Waleed Aly couldn’t resist taking a swipe at the divisive pollie by giving her a taste of her own rhetoric.

“I’m so sick of people coming to this country and not respecting our laws,” he quipped.

pauline hanson drone
"I really wish..." Image: Channel 10.

Co-host Tommy Little also let fly.

"Do you reckon it's her just taking border security into her own hands?"

Earlier today, the Queensland Senator criticised coverage of her video, tweeting, "Mainstream media LOVE DRONE but don't seem to care about freezing pensioners, dying businesses or horror electricity costs."

pauline hanson drone
Pauline, letting fly. Image: Twitter.

While Senator Hanson is not under formal investigation, a CASA spokesperson told Fairfax Media that officials wish to speak to her and her staff next week.

"[The video] shows a drone being flown off a balcony of a building in a built-up area. That's one of the reasons we need to have a conversation with Senator Hanson," the spokesperson said.

Fines for illicit use of a drone currently range from $900 to $9000.