Offspring. Oh. My. God.

I just….I can’t…..I don’t…….how can…..

I just knew it was going to be Patrick.

The Nina/Patrick storyline had kind of run its course. They’d resolved all their problems. They were happy. And that’s never a recipe for a successful new season for a show that needs forward momentum and twists and turns. Compelling plots require drama.

Patrick had to go to free up Nina for season 5.

Pragmatic. Brutal. But true.

It wasn’t just that though. According to an interview with the show’s creator John Edwards in Fairfax papers:

“When Le Nevez signed up for Offspring, his growing profile in the US meant that his commitment to Offspring would “always be a minute-to-minute thing”, says Banks. “We had to lure him back. He’s been prolonging his time here. It’s not so much that his profile grew and he left. It’s more that we’ve been living on borrowed time throughout the whole process and we’re lucky we’ve had as much of him as we have.”

“We’ve tried to go forward with stories that might be unconventional in a romantic comedy story. For example, going ahead with the pregnancy, normally that wouldn’t happen in a rom-com. We deliberately wanted to go into new territory, just go where the characters would take us. The issue of mortality was new and we thought we should do it.”

However, Edwards wasn’t happy with Channel Ten’s promotion of the episode:

“I think the fact that a guessing game is being encouraged is very, very unfortunate. I’ve been involved six times in series where we’ve done a similar thing. This is the first time it’s been promoted like this. I can only say that I think it’s extremely disappointing and not something we are happy with at all.”

Social media was where everyone watching the show gathered last night to express their grief and shock (yes, it’s just a show and we know the characters aren’t real but they FEEEEL REAL due to the superb writing and acting).

Offspring cast and crew also gathered to express their feelings about the death of Patrick.
The actor himself – Mathew Le Nevez:

And more

This morning, published statements from Mathew Le Nevez (Patrick) and Asher Keddie (Nina.)

From Mathew Le Nevez:

“Working with Ash has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

She kept me on my toes because she doesn’t suffer fools and her passion alone has elevated Offspring to what it is. I’m a much better actor for working with her and grateful for every scene we shot together. I was sad for the character of Patrick (dying) but excited for the show’s future. I hope this episode will linger in the minds and hearts of all the show’s loyal viewers for years to come,” Keddie says. “It certainly will for me.”

And this from Asher Keddie:

“I hope this episode will linger in the minds and hearts of all the show’s loyal viewers for years to come. It certainly will for me.”

I felt increasingly anxious last night as  I watched the show, I dreamed of Patrick all night and woke up with a massive headache.

Did you see it coming? Are you coping?

If not, here is a Patrick gallery, so that you can relive the good times: