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Rose and Steve came home on Tuesday evening to find this note on their door.

Melbourne radio producer Rose, 26, has been left shocked after she received a series of notes from her very, very angry neighbours.

Their main concerns? The “stench” of her barbecue. The volume of her music. And her “loud bogan friends”.


Rose returned home to the apartment she shares with her 28-year-old boyfriend Steve on Tuesday evening to find a note plastered to her front door.

“We your neighbours would like to complain about the awful and long-lasting stench from your barbecue, which happens many times a week,” the message was in black and red bolded text. “If it continues, we shall look into complaining to the body corporate and see if it’s even legal to have one on your balcony, let alone use it that often.”

The note was unsigned.

Rose has no idea what the note was referring to. “We haven’t had a barbecue in two weeks,” she told


She also denies playing the television loudly into the night. She said she’s often in bed by 9pm as she wakes to do a 4am shift at local radio station 3AW. If Steve watches television, he consciously keeps the volume low so as not to wake her.

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The following morning, 3AW hosts Ross and John discussed the note on air and agreed it was simply “un-Australian”.

Perhaps the note-leavers heard the on-air discussion, because things escalated rapidly from there.

Rose returned home to find another note taped to her door, as well as a folded letter that had been slid under the door frame.

“A complaint has been made about the pollution and stench of your barbecue, and the residential noise level of your TV,” the sticky-taped sign read. “Learn to be more considerate of your neighbours or move out.”

The note left on Rose's apartment door. (Image via 3AW Twitter)

There was more. Much more.

"You make more noise than we ever do - you can hear your TV throughout the building whenever it's on and you always play loud music on weekends, as well as creating a racket with your loud bogan friends on your balcony," the note-under-the-door-said.

"I know most of our neighbours and they will agree you are lying as you are petty, bitchy freaks."

The note under Rose's door.
The letter ended in a smiley face.

In an extreme act of passive aggression, the note was signed with a smiley face. Yes, really.

Rose and Steve have lived in their apartment for eight months, and have never had trouble before now.

One thing's for certain, they're now dealing with the neighbours from hell.

Have you ever had a nasty note from a neighbour?