See this little boy react to the worst birthday present of all time.



This kid’s parents thought they had a genius prank idea:

On his birthday, they decided to give him a wooden chopping board as his ‘only’ present, to see how he would react.

They were expecting tears. They were expecting confusion. They were at least expecting a forced smile.

They weren’t expecting him to graciously respond with genuine gratitude and heartfelt sincerity.

Watching him pretend to love a chopping board is actually ridiculously adorable. And it makes his reaction to his actual present even sweeter:




Here’s a rough translation of the awkward moment:


Kid: Oh, wooden board! (Smiles)

Dad: What does it say?

Kid: It’s nice, it is to put meat on it and cut it with a knife. Now I’m only missing a fork.

Dad: Yes, but what does the card say?

Kid: I’ve read it already. “For you to eat barbecue with your knife. We love you a lot mom and dad.” Thanks!

Mom: You can use any fork. (Hug.) I love you.











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