'I asked an expert to help me organise my pantry and the advice was game-changing.'

As useful as pantries are, organising them is the bane of my existence.

Because no matter how hard I try, it never turns out like the photos you see on Pinterest. I've tried everything — trust me. 

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I've bought cute spice jars with fancy labels, brought home airtight containers, and even invested in a label maker.

Basically, I've spent hundreds of dollars trying to get my pantry to look aesthetically pleasing while still being functional.

And sure, it looks great for a week or two, but then it quickly starts to descend into chaos when I realise the system I've created isn't exactly long-lasting. 

It's gotten to the point where I've just accepted my fate. Maybe I'm destined to have a messy, unorganised pantry for the rest of my life, and it's time I come to terms with it.

That was until I realised I could use my job as an excuse to chat with professional organiser, domestic goddess and founder of Extra Orderly, Autumn Burns, and spread her helpful advice for you, too. 


"When organising pantries, it's all about designing a space for each client's individual lifestyle while keeping in mind how they want to use the space day to day," Autumn told Mamamia

"The pantry I would create for a busy parent looking for a practical space with easy, maintainable systems in place would look and feel very different to a pantry I would create for someone who lived alone and didn’t cook on a daily basis."


According to Autumn, staying realistic is key to keeping your pantry looking spick and span — oh, and now is probably a good time to get rid of all the out-of-date items you've been hoarding for the past year.

"Before starting a project I always ask the client to do a regular food shop so we're stocked up on food items, and then once the new systems are in place I suggest they get into a routine of having a quick scan of the contents of the pantry before doing a food shop. That way, the space will be easier to maintain," advised Autumn.

Whether Autumn is tackling a big pantry or one that's on the smaller end of the scale, she relies on her six-step approach. This way, the space remains organised for months on end, and the system she puts in place is easy to maintain. 

Let's get into it.

1. Keep similar items together.

"Pull together food groups and store them together so the space is easier to use. That way, you'll know where to find everything and where to put things away after a food shop."

2. Use baskets to help avoid clutter.

"Use simple baskets and containers to hold the small items and larger containers to hold the overstock of items. This will ensure your pantry will never be cluttered."

3. Make sure the smaller items are easily accessible.

"Tins and jars quite often end up hiding at the back of the pantry, which results in people purchasing multiple. To avoid this from happening, I make sure to add shelves to every pantry I work on so everything is easily accessible."

4. It's okay to focus on aesthetics.

"When buying storage products stick to a certain colour/material. Using the same brand of containers helps create a seamless and sleek look while pulling everything together. I love to pair bamboo and glass jars with soft, warm baskets or white wired containers."


5. Label everything!

"Labelling containers and pantry jars makes life so much easier when you're trying to look for something. You can also add the expiry date on the back."

6: Consider the shelving and placement of things.

"Items you reach for daily should be front and centre, items used less often can go on the higher shelves and heavy, bulky items can go on the bottom shelves."

After all of the above, you're probably motivated to kick-start your pantry organisation process. 

But before you jump into it, here are the affordable storage items Autumn swears by to keep her system in place: 

OXO POP 2.0 6-Piece Value Set, $189.

Image: OXO.


"This is something I would say is worth spending a little more on to ensure you’re getting a good quality container with a great seal to keep your food fresh."

Kate's Kitchen Glass Canister with Bamboo Lid, $33.95.

Image: Kate's Kitchen.


Kmart Storage Turntable, $9.

Image: Kmart.

Little Label Co Rotating Lazy Susan, $42.95.

Image: Little Label Co.


"I use these in every kitchen I work in. They're so handy for storing jams, oils, vinegars etc. Kmart makes a great one with dividers, but I also love this one from Little Label which I often use in fridges."

Box Sweden Crystal 3 Tier Pantry Organiser Spice Rack, $21.50.

Image: Amazon Australia.


Joseph Joseph CupboardStore™ Expandable Grey Tiered Organiser, $44.95.

Image: Joseph Joseph.


"These are so handy for those items that often end up hidden at the back of the cupboard. By placing them on shelves you can easily see everything available (and avoid having unnecessary amounts by checking before doing your food shop). The one from Amazon is great, however, I love the J&J brand, they have so many clever products."

Ikea Risatorp, $10.

Image: Ikea.


Little Label Co Large Bamboo Storage Tub, $26.95.

Image: Little Label Co.

Kmart Wire and Wood Undershelf Basket, $8.

Image: Kmart.


"Large baskets are the best way to store overstock, snacks and other little knick-knacks. The one from Kmart is especially good for creating some extra space."

For more home organisation tips, tricks and inspo, follow Autumn on Instagram here.

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