8 ways to make your wardrobe work smarter in 2015.

Is your wardrobe overflowing with clothes, and yet each morning you have ‘nothing to wear’?

Do most of your clothes reside on the floor in a pile? Do you open your closet and groan?

If you answered yes to any of these, then read on to find out how de-cluttering that jumbled mess will lead you to a more organised and stylish 2015. Your new mantra? New year, new wardrobe.

  1. Throw out your old clothes. 

It’ll be tough – but worth it.


You knew this was coming, right? Well, there’s no better way to make space and take stock of everything you own than by going through it piece by piece. Cull anything you haven’t worn for more than 12 months or that doesn’t fit you. If it’s got stains, try removing them (I find soda water works wonders), or turf it. you want to hang onto something for sentimental reasons, keep it, but review it again next year. If you start to think, ‘But if I just nip it in here or take it up a few inches’ then in the oft-quoted words of Elsa, ‘Let It Go’. No really, LET IT GO (to charity).

 Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by SodaStream. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words. 

  1. Invest in better hangers. 

Waterfall hangers are a godsend for those of us living in small apartments or sharing closet space with significant others. They allow you to hang up to five garments, be it shirts, jackets, skirts or tops, on the one hanger – saving up to five times as much space.

  1. Colour co-ordinate. 

Type As: This one’s for you.


It sounds completely over the top, until you try it. Organise your wardrobe by groups first: jackets, jumpers, tops, skirts etc., then by colour. It not only helps you put together an outfit quicker, it’s a lot more pleasing to look at than what’s going on in there right now. Trust me.

  1. Store your shoes in open shelves. 

If all your shoes are stacked up the top or at the bottom of your wardrobe, then chances are you’re only wearing about 20% of the shoes you own; the ones you can actually see. Either invest in some clear boxes or take Polaroids of what’s inside each box and stick them on the outside. If space isn’t an issue (lucky you) then store them in open shelves so you can see each pair you own at a glance. FYI: It’s also worth colour co-ordinating these too for those hectic mornings when you need those work-appropriate black heels STAT.

  1. Don’t buy anything that you’ll have to alter. 

Sewing? Pffft. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


This year take the oath that you’ll only buy things that fit and flatter you in the change room, not after you get them altered. Because you and I both know, you are never going to get to the tailor. And if you have to add $30 to that pair of pants, is it really such a bargain? Nope.

  1. Plan your outfits in advance. 

Whether you spend 20 minutes on a Sunday night planning an entire week’s worth of outfits or do it the night before, hanging your planned outfit ready to go each night will save you time and your sanity. You can say goodbye to those hectic mornings you run out the door already stressed out because you had to iron a blouse you found stuffed in the back of your undies drawer.

  1. Start a Pinterest outfit inspiration board. 

One way to avoid thinking you need to buy new clothes every week is to start getting creative with what you already own. A great way to do this is tearing out magazine images that inspire you or by starting a Pinterest board. You’ll be surprised at how many new ways of wearing your old clothes you’ll come up with.

  1. Downsize. 

One of the biggest keys to a neater, more organised wardrobe is to edit often. You probably only wear about 40% of the clothes that you own, so the rest is just taking up space. Look for things you may have doubles or triples of (stripe addicts, I’m looking at you) and only hang on your favourite. Apply this to your t-shirts, jeans, cardigans and jumpers. Once you’ve had a big clean out, aim to go through your clothes again in six months. It’s easier to let things go when you’re regularly aware of what you’re actually wearing, not what think you’ll wear someday-maybe in the near distant future.


How do you keep your life/wardrobe organised?

Here are some more life hacks while you’re at it…

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