Every burning question we have after watching the 'Orange is the New Black' finale.

By now you’ve probably binged your way through the latest season of Orange is the New Black – if you haven’t please stop reading – many spoilers lie ahead. (Also, what are you doing on the computer? GO WATCH MORE GODDAMMIT.)

Season Five was a bloody intense season, set over three days, which saw the dynamics between the Litchfield inmates change forever.

When the inmates took over the prison we saw them establish their own micro society and some of our heroes definitely crossed the line into villianhood.

But then it was abruptly over and look – we did not get the resolutions we needed.

Here are all the unanswered we have after watching the OITNB finale:

Will our Litchfield favourites survive the bunker?

orange is the new black unanswered questions
Image via Netflix.

If there's one thing OITNB does well, it's a motherflippin' cliffhanger.

At the end of Season Five, Freida, Suzanne, Cindy, Taystee, Red, Piper, Alex, Nicky, Gloria and Flores, are standing hand-in-hand in the bunker as the door is blown in by the riot police.

Now, we have to wait until next season to find out what happens to them. The governor had just given the riot police permission to take the prison "by any means necessary" so there's a good chance at least one of our faves won't return next season (erm, please be Piper?).

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What will happen to Daya?

Daya had a huge season. She shot a policeman in the penis (well, almost), had a bit of an emotional breakdown, gave her baby up for adoption, and then she was handed over to police by the other inmates. Given she committed Penis Shooting in the First Degree, Daya will probably be transferred to max next season, but hopefully we'll still get to follow her story.

orange is the new black unanswered questions
Will we see Daya again? Image via Netflix.

Why is Pennsatucky in love with her rapist?

This story line was just plain creepy. Pennsatucky developed feelings for her rapist, CO Coates, while he was crawling around the ceiling of Litchfield and creeping on the inmates like a big ole' creeper. He even watched Pennsatucky masturbate with a vibrating mobile phone.

In the last episode, Pennsatucky escapes from the prison and starts living out some weird housewife fantasy in Coate's living quarters. To add to the general creepiness, Coats returns home and they curl up on the couch together, like a normal couple. Except they're not a normal couple because he's a rapist and she's a prison inmate. Ugh.


What about Lorna's baby?

We're about to get another Litchfield baby, yay! During Season Five, Lorna found out she was pregnant with Vinnie's baby. When she told Vinnie he ran away, but then he came back and they yelled out things like 'lasagna' and 'ratatouille' and 'spaghetti' and it was all very sweet and Italian. But now Lorna is going to have a baby while she's in prison, and as we know from previous experience, that never ends well.

orange is the new black unanswered questions
Image via Netflix.

What happened to Sophia?

Last season, we hardly saw Sophia as she was locked in the SHU for most of the episodes. And in this season she was just... noticeably absent.

She helps Gloria perform some emergency first aid on Humphrey (and his bloody penis), then she kind of just removes herself from the equation and voluntarily surrenders, and we don't see her again.

Although it seems unlikely that Sophia will return next season, we really hope she does, because we need more of her story line.

Where is Chang?

orange is the new black unanswered questions
Image via Netflix.

At the end of Season 5, Chang flips the bird and escapes from the prison through a hole in the fence. It's such a classic Chang move.

But we don't know whether Chang's pulled off the ultimate jailbreak or if she's been caught and rounded up with the other inmates.

We know the prisoner count is off - the police claim there are 10 prisoners unaccounted for - but there are actually 12. There's the 10 inmates in the bunker, plus Chang and Pennsatucky, and if you minus the wrongly counted Linda, we still end up with 11. So either Chang or Pennsatucky have returned to the prison or the police can't count.

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Is this the end of Litchfield?

In the final moments of the Season Five, the inmates are split up and bused off to different locations. It seems pretty unlikely that Litchfield will continue to exist in the same capacity after the riots, so will the inmates be reunited or will they be split up for good?

After seeing some of the inmates interact for the first time this season, we really don't want to see them split up. We need our big ole' prison family to stick together, but the creators probably have some pretty gut-kicking changes in store for us in Season Six.

Do you have any other unanswered questions? Share them in the comments below.