Grab your orange jumpsuit: The trailer for season six of Orange Is The New Black just dropped.

Grab your homemade shiv and meet us in the dining hall.

Season six of Orange is the New Black is just around the corner.

The prison guards wonderful people at Netflix have just announced the release date for the upcoming season and it’s… drum roll pls… July 27.

Yep, all that prison-y goodness is less than two months away.

They also dropped some cryptic lil’ teasers about what’s going to go down in Litchfield this season.

Things are even more intense in Litchfield. 

Video via Netflix

There be smoke, there be broken windows, and there be one random chicken cluckin’ its way around the abandoned prison.

There’s also a creepy voice over that says, “This is a whole new world”.

In case you missed it, season five took place in real-time over three riot-filled days in Litchfield prison.

After the death of Poussey, the prisoners took hold of the prison and started to create their own little mini-world inside the prison walls.

In the closing scene some of our OITNB favourites stood hand-in-hand in the bunker, waiting to face the riot police as they stormed the building.

So yes, it seems like season six is going to be filled with even crazier plotlines and more prison-y goodness.

Yes please and thank you.