Oprah Winfrey is looking like a viable candidate to beat Trump for president in 2020.

The human being with arguably the most power in the world right now is a bankrupt, washed up, reality television star who seems to struggle immensely with his fake tan application.

After beating out Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, the man with a tan has proceeded to do an extremely minimal amount when it comes to actually legislating stuff.

He has, however, set a demoralising new presidential low for ignorance, buffoonery, and emotional incompetence.

He also very well could be a clinical psychopath, according to an expert.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet been graced with an official Democratic leader upon whom we can lob our good faith for the next election, in 2020.

But in the eyes of former Good Weekend editor Amelia Lester and Mia Freedman, there’s only one person who can topple the reign of Trump.

Listen to Journalist Amelia Lester explain why Oprah is the only real hope we have for 2020. Post continues after audio.

“I can’t think of anyone else who would be able to withstand the personal level of attack he will reign down on anyone who runs against him,” says Mia Freedman on our Tell Me It’s Going To Be OK podcast.

She is, of course, talking about the Oprah Winfrey, one of the few people in the world identifiable by their first name alone.

Trump isn’t a regular politician in the sense that Trump doesn’t play by the rules,” says Freedman’s co-host, Amelia Lester. “He’s been divorced multiple times, which you would think is not something a regular politician could get through easily.”

“Oprah also doesn’t play by the rules… for instance, she never married, an unconventional choice in what is still a very conservative country.”


“That’s why she’s such an intriguing prospect against Trump.”

Donald Trump
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It's not just speculation, either.

"A prominent political commentator suggested that Oprah was the only way the Democrats could win against Trump in 2020," says Lester. "Rather than deny it... she retweeted the article and said, 'Thanks for the vote of confidence'."

We need you, Oprah. Now more than ever.

You can listen to this week's full episode of Tell Me It's Going To Be OK, below. 

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