News: Is she the world's next Youtube sensation?

Kina Grannis

Three sold out shows in Australia. Who is she?

Her Youtube songs have received more than 100 million hits. She’s sold out three shows at the Sydney Opera House this weekend. But you’ve probably never heard of her.

Meet Kina Grannis. She’s a 26-year-old singer and songwriter from California. And she’s one of YouTube ‘s biggest finds since Justin Bieber.

The Daily Telegraph reported:

KINA Grannis has sold out three Sydney Opera House shows this weekend but if you are not a member of the YouTube generation, you may be oblivious to her charms and talent.

Grannis has been one of the video hub’s biggest finds since Justin Bieber, with her channel receiving almost 100 million views in the past four years after the Californian singer entered a competition to have a song played during the Superbowl.

Have a look:

Free range hens – not necessarily less stressed.

A new study has cast doubt on whether free-range hens are actually happier than cage hens.

In fact, the study suggests they’re not. A researcher from the University of Sydney looked at hens at 12 farms across NSW and found their stress levels didn’t change if they were free-range, barn or caged. Stress levels were more to do with how hens are handled. 

But the research has come under fire because of it’s definition of “free range”. The Free Range Egg and Poultry Association of Australia said the research focused on large-scale farms that do not fall into their definition of free range.

If you need a refresher on factory farming and cruelty, have a look here.

Jason Akermanis apologises for ‘nasty’ Jim Stynes comments

AFL footballer Jason Akermanis said he didn’t understand what all the fuss was about surrounding Stynes’ death and that he was good, but not ‘that good’. “He got a state funeral – do all football players get a state funeral? There’s something about it all that just made me feel uncomfortable. Jim’s good, but is he that good?”


He also said, in the same interview, Stynes deserved the accolades.

Jason Akermanis

In his apology, Akermanis wrote: I want to reiterate that my comments in regard to Jim have been taken entirely out of context – and again, I apologise. I did not in any way mean to offend. Ultimately, I have nothing but admiration for Jim and respect for himself and his family. Sorry.”

UPDATE: The Age newspaper reported Sunshine Coast radio station Mix 92.7FM, where Jason Akermanis worked casually, has sacked him over the comments. Akermanis is still employed by Adelaide’s FIVEaa.

Which airline serves the best food?

Turkish airlines has taken out the top spot in an international survey of economy-class airline food. A panel of international travellers was sent around the world (by website Skyscanner) and found Turkish dishes – like stuffed eggplant – were the best of the lot. Singapore airlines came in second, Etihad third and Emirates fifth. For the record – Qantas came in seventh place.

What’s been your experience of plane food?

And speaking of planes, what are the 10 things a flight attendant wants you to know?

French terror shooter has been killed in end to siege

The French serial killer, with links to Al-Qaeda, has been killed in a dramatic end to the 32-hour siege on a Toulouse home last night AEDT. The man was shot in the head by RAID special police forces who had moved into the apartment in Toulouse. He was shot jumping from through a window. Three police were injured in the assault, one ‘fairly seriously’.


Mohammed Merah was wanted after a killing spree in which he gunned down three Jewish school children, a Rabbi and three off-duty French soldiers.

And here the pictures we’re talking about this week:

Rachel, Kristian and Oprah during her Australian visit

Oprah honours Aussie Kristian Anderson after his death

Kristian Anderson caught the world’s attention with his YouTube video professing his love for his family during his battle with cancer. He also caught Oprah’s attention when she was in Australia for ‘Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure’ with the TV billionaire giving $250,000 to Anderson’s family during his fight. He passed away

“Kristian was an inspiration to us all, the way he handled cancer with fierce grace. I was so moved after meeting him and seeing how much he appreciated his family, and every precious moment.

“He taught us how to LIVE with cancer. The Light he left on earth will not be dimmed by his passing,” Winfrey said.

One of Anderson’s last wishes, before his death in January, was to publish a book about his struggle as a lasting legacy for his wife Rachel and sons Cody, 5 and Jakob, 3. That book, Days Like These, will be released on April 3.

The Harper Collins title will also raise funds for charity, with a percentage of sales from the book to go to Bear Cottage, a hospice for children with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

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