Open Post: discuss anything. Go.

Last week was a big one for Team Mamamia: We launched our radio show (huzzah!), we welcomed a whole new batch of interns (each of whom is absolutely fabulous, I might add) and we made the EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT decision to dump our official Pizza Tuesday in favour of Sushi Tuesday. Controversial to say the least.

So you would have thought that all of this would have meant we had enough drama and excitement for one week.

But if you were to think such a thing, beloved MM readers – then you would be wrong. As wrong, in fact, as my year 5 teacher Mr Duncan was when he told 11-year-old me that the Backstreet Boys’ contribution to musical history could not be considered ‘significant’. In other words: Oh so very, very wrong.

You see, last week I was struck down with a violent case, of what can only be described as the WORST PMT since the little female fishies swam out of the ocean, grew legs and started menstruating.

This was PMT of epic proportions. This was PMT of such a scale that it warranted a public apology on Twitter to the poor people who had the misfortune to speak with me for a period of about 72 hours.

And it was made worse by the fact that I work in an office of women. Lots of women. Lots of women who seem to be somewhat physically and emotionally in tune with one another.

Yes you guessed it. The entire MM Editorial Team (bar poor Nat, who struggled through with this Zen-like Buddha expression on her face) were seriously angry last week and each of us were fighting a losing battle with the slimy, green, googly-eyed PMT monster).

The site even crashed on Monday night. The tech people tell us it was because MM was just TOO POPULAR for its own good that particular evening but I know that is a lie. It was the PMT. We broke the site with our totally and utterly unreasonable crankiness. Sorry about that.

How has your week been? What’s on your mind?