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Anything on your mind? Here’s what’s been on our minds this week. Feel free to say….whatever.

The big news

In case you missed it, we’re all a bit excited.

The birthday

And what a magnificent birthday it was. I’m not usually a birthday fan but this year, I got it. Now I understand how some people can enjoy their birthdays. I wasn’t in the office on Friday so this is what some of the team (those who weren’t gallivanting around the world) sent me.

Many of the lines are in-jokes so don’t worry if they make NO sense to you at all…..


This week’s Mamamia on Sky News, Fri 9.15pm

This week on Mamamia on Sky News we’ll be chatting to author and journalist Caroline Overington, demographer Bernard Salt, Australian Women’s Weekly associate editor Bryce Corbett and advertising guru Dee Madigan.

What will we be talking about? Stacks. We’ll cover the Conrad Murray trial (Michael Jackson), the Federal Government’s proposed poker machine reforms, the story of Amanda Knox (and why everyone cares) and the very public love story that is Shane Warne and Liz Hurley.

In some must-see videos, Australian singer Kasey Chambers chats about her severe eating disorder and for anyone with a kitchen, there’s a video all about cooking with actress Jane Kennedy.

Caroline Overington, Bernard Salt, Bryce Corbett and Dee Madigan

Here’s the promo:

And in case you missed it, here’s last week’s show.

Watch for the moment when Jacinta Tynan talks motherhood … and whether it is still easy at the 4:30 mark, watch Nat come and be a nanny on screen at 9:08, Jason Stevens sings (very briefly) at 10:40, there a  fascinating discussion about Archbishop John Hepworth that you need to hear this: 17:00, Ant Sharwood reveals an interesting stat about churches and brothels: 25:55 and our domestic violence discussion will leave you reeling, from 28:45. I talk about my own experience from 31:59.

The shoes

We have several men in the office and they all wear extremely interesting trainers which we shall start to showcase occasionally. Here is Rick, clicking his heels three times.

Rick has red shoes

The weird things sent to the office

Parcels arrive at the Mamamia office throughout the week with all manner of things from books to beauty products to, well, other stuff.

It really is extremely unfortunate that these things were photographed together (below) because they certainly didn’t arrive that way. That would be, you know, sick.

The two sex education books for kids were sent to me by Interrelate Family Centres after they read my column about sexting. The books are fantastic and you can buy them here.


And the sex toys (including a whip and edible lubricant) came from Pure Romance and I have no idea why.


The blog

I used to read the blog Girls Gone Child quite regularly for a while there a few years ago and I even bought Rebecca Woolf’s book about becoming a mother. She’s a lovely writer. Really whimsical. And she has the cutest kids. It was such a lovely surprise when I popped over there a few months ago on a whim and discovered she was pregnant with twins.

I’ve since been addicted to the shots she publishes of her new baby daughters who have the most sublime and poetic names: Boheme Shalom and Reverie Lux.

Mum Rebecca with Boheme Shalom and Reverie Lux

Now it’s your turn. What’s on your mind?

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