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GOING VIRAL: Woman posts cringe-worthy message to her boyfriend's ex. Wins the internet.

When I was younger I often felt smug about the amazing-ness of my relationship and its superiority compared to his past relationships.

Then I grew up.

Now I’d be more inclined to write her a letter expressing empathy for all that she suffered and assure her that I too am suffering through all of the annoying habits he has. I’d never, NEVER, write an entire “Ode to the Bitch Ex” as multiple young girls are now doing in Instagram.

To say they are cringy is putting it lightly. The letters have been described as “vomit-inducing” and “drivel” on the Mumsnet forum. Some comments were positive, like the one that described one of the letters as “deep”. Everyone else was struggling not to gag.

Here’s just one example of a letter to a boyfriend’s ex. This one was posted by Stephanie Solis on Instagram.

Image: Instagram/smsolis90

And so on, and so forth.

There are many, many more where that came from and call me a cynic but her "Ode to the Bitch Ex" is incredibly nauseating and extremely judgmental. She doesn't know what their relationship was like. She doesn't know what went wrong.

All she knows is his version.

When I knew our relationship was over. Article continues after this video.

I remember my boyfriend's version of his relationship break down..."It's all amicable. We are great friends."


*cough* BULLSHIT *cough*

Still, we can't just point the finger at Stephanie. There are plenty more letters to exes on social for you to feast your eyes on and shake your heads at.

Here's one from Facebook posted by EverySongbirdSays and described as the worst Facebook post ever.

Image: Facebook/EverySongbirdSays

Um, the 1950s is calling and they want their warmed slippers back!

One comment expresses my sentiments exactly.

Image: Mumsnet

At with that thought let's cross our fingers and hope this is one internet trend that will soon die.