Banking on your phone just got a whole lot easier.

I’ve never really understood numbers. My brain just doesn’t work that way.

The words ‘finance’ and ‘money’ make me want to curl into a ball and hide. They make my brain hurt.

The problem is that I love shopping and I love having things to keep me connected to the world, like the internet and my mobile phone. And all of these things that I like to have cost money. So as much as the thought of banks and savings does my head in, I know they’re necessary to let me keep up my lifestyle and shopping habits.

So I have always done my banking on my phone – it just makes me feel safer that way. I’m doing something that scares me (finances) but on a device that is my safe haven (my phone).

Just as an FYI, this post is sponsored by St.George. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

I have used a mobile banking app since the day I purchased my first smartphone. The problem was, my app only did a certain amount of things, so I still had to take my nervous self into a bank branch more often than I would’ve liked.

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But just recently my banking app changed. Now, change is another thing that scares me, so when I jumped on my phone last week to access my St.George app and saw a tessellated green square with a graphically improved dragon my heart jumped.

What was this new green square?

I needed to pay my phone bill and rent so I had to take the plunge to find out. I went into the newly updated St.George banking app, and was shocked. Shocked, in a good way.

The design was modern (which, yes, matters to me) and the navigation was so, so easy. I was waiting on my coffee order and became fixated on this new app – it didn’t feel like I was in some big scary bank, it felt like I was in some swanky, well-designed smartphone device.


I was excited; I think for the first time ever I can say I was actually enjoying something to do with numbers. I logged in. It had a clean and fresh look but was absolutely loaded with features and all my accounts. I could pretty much open any feature with a swipe. Winning.

I paid my phone bill, transferred my rent money and bought a cheeky pair of heels before I heard the barista call out my name. I grabbed my coffee and sat back down to get on with my banking business.

There were so many new features. There was an address book with all of my personal contacts as well as my accounts, existing payees and my BPAY billers – so from here I can pay anyone, even if I only have their mobile phone number.

I loved the Quick Pay feature, which meant I could do my most popular payment with one tap. That may be a little too easy when it comes to online shopping, but it was amazing when I had to pay my bills and transfer money to friends.

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I can also quickly see what my bank balance is (which is saving me from my online shopping habit). Seriously – there’s a ‘Quick Balance’ that I can see without logging on to the app, so I can keep myself accountable for my funds all the time. You can also choose to use a fingerprint login if you have an iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus using iOS8.

I can also locate the nearest St.George ATM when I need to get cash out – which is already saving me heaps on ATM fees. And if I am going overseas it will tell me where the closest St.George aligned bank is – bonus.

I’ve only had the app for a week so far, but I am kind of in love and I actually feel like I may never have to walk into a bank again – well, for my day-to-day banking anyway. And that suits me just fine.

With a fresh new look and contemporary feel, this St.George mobile app lets you stay connected to your finances wherever you are. With a wide range of banking services customers can access more of their bank on their mobile.  It is a banking experience for use anywhere and is designed specifically for your smartphone. It includes:

Quick pay – make a favourite payment with one tap

Put your card on hold for up to 14 calendar days

Choose the way you make a payment

All your contacts, payees, billers are together inside the address book.