Olena shares what you didn't see on The Bachelor: "I couldn't say I loved him."


It was a sad night for Bachelor fans last night as they watched their favourite straight-talker Olena exit the competition.


Her elimination came as no surprise at the end of the episode, after a tense conversation with Richie that ended with him saying he only saw “glimpses” of a girl he liked (yikes) and Olena revealing she thought their relationship would be a “hassle” (ouch).

Olena has revealed the reason behind her elimination from the show. Image via Channel 10.

Now, Olena has revealed more about the conversation that sent her home.

"I did have feelings for Richie, he's a great guy," she told Mamamia.

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"But I just told him, I can't say that I love you and I wasn't going to lie to him. So I was just honest with him.

"There was not enough time to fall in love...I saw the guy like five times! It just wasn't possible."

They're smiling...but this conversation was INTENSE. Image via Channel 10.

In an interview with WHO Magazine, Olena revealed that when she told Richie she didn't love him, he "ran really fast" away from her.

"I wanted [everyone] to see his reaction!" she said.

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In their final conversation, Olena was open with Richie about her concerns their romance wouldn't work in the real world, giving us without a doubt one of the standout quotes of the season: "You're living in a fairytale, this is the real shit".

"I didn’t want to forget about reality while I was on the show. The relationship has to exist outside all the flowers and the cupcakes," she told Mamamia.

"I’m looking for a relationship in the real world."

The 23-year-old Ukrainian beauty also said she hadn't had any contact with Richie since the show wrapped...but that may be because she's moved on and is dating someone new.

"It could be going somewhere, yes. He’s a very nice guy ... and he is so different compared to Richie. Very very different. That’s all I’m saying!" she revealed to