The $38 Officeworks chair that you'll want to snag for your home immediately.

Officeworks have answered your occasional chair dreams with an offering both stylish and comfortable… for only $38.

Yes please.

The Newbury Padded Chair is designed in a crisp white minimalist style with blonde timber-look splayed legs, slightly reminiscent of the iconic Eames side chair (you know – the fancy version of the chairs you sat on in kindy):


While a number of Eames dupes are designed in plastic for authenticity, the Officeworks version – opting for comfort without compromising on style – boasts padding so you won’t get a sore bum when working from home.

Plus… it’ll keep the allure of studying from the comfort of bed at bay.

According to the Officeworks website, it holds a weight capacity of 120 kg and takes only 30 minutes to assemble.

But the main thing is, it’s bloody chic.

Pop it in your study nook for a retro addition, with a kids bedroom desk to keep homework off the dining room table, or in the corner of your room to store clean clothes that haven’t quite made their way to the cupboard yet.

(We get you).

The Newbury Padded Chair is available in store and online, which has both Afterpay AND Zip pay.

Need we say more?

Happy sitting.

Psst – we also checked out their kids’ range of items. Check ’em out here.