When Jordan realised no one was reading her office-wide emails, she decided to trick them.

Have you ever been in a position where you thought a task your boss made you do was a complete waste of time?

This was the case for Showpo employee, Jordan, who was convinced spending 2 hours every Monday morning preparing a weekly report email was a waste of time. Why? Well, she had a sneaky suspicion no one was reading her emails.

She was right.

To prove her theory, Jordan decided she would include a fake announcement in her email, to gauge if anyone responded i.e had read her email.

They did not.

This email was sent on the 23rd of April.

Let's zoom in on the last line of her email so you can see it better.

"Little Bubba on the way, due November."

Jordan’s very exciting and not unbelievable news was completely ignored by her team, proving her suspicions true. She wondered how long it would take for someone (out of her team of 18) to read her email / acknowledge her news in any form. So what followed was a VERY quick pregnancy over the next month, with absolutely zero fucks given by her team…

April 30th.
May 7th.
May 14th.
May 28th.

The jig was finally up with her last email. Someone finally read her report and Jordan was celebrated the following day on the birth of little Malachy.

It's a boy!

Unfortunately for Jordan, while her prank proved a) hilarious and b) her point – she was informed by her manager that she would indeed still be required to send her weekly email.

Once she comes back from maternity leave of course.

This article originally appeared on Showpo and has been republished here with full permission.