The important reminder for anyone posting photos from their work Christmas party this year.

Oh, how most of us welcome our office Christmas party.  A chance to relax with our work family after along year, chat to people you don’t normally have the chance to speak with, enjoy some fine hospitality at our employer’s expense…and then share the photos of the inevitable after party on social media.

Yes, it’s funny at the time, to snap a pic of Alice from Accounts downing another cocktail, falling over, or even flirting with the boss. But really, workplace etiquette dictates that what happens at the office Christmas party, should stay there. Unfortunately, all too often, it ends up on social media – which can have serious consequences in the cold light of day.

Which is why one Aussie organisation is launching an awareness campaign to make you think twice about what you post – reminding you that the internet never forgets.

DrinkWise, an independent not-for-profit organisation aimed at changing the Australian drinking culture to be healthier and safer, has released the results of its most recent study. One of the findings showed that of Australians who drink, it is young adults who are still drinking most excessively, consuming five or more standard drinks on a night out (22 percent), compared to 16 percent of all other age groups.

The study also found that half of 18 to 24-year-olds (44 percent) sometimes regret what they have done when drinking, with some of the biggest concerns being the risk of vomiting (26 percent), making a fool of themselves (24 percent) and drunk texting or social media posting (14 percent). Now, that’s a recipe for disaster, right?

So, this week DrinkWise launched ‘The Internet Remembers’ campaign, which will see a collection of unsophisticated drinking moments from the internet bought to life by a series of augmented reality (AR) displays in bars, via social media and throughout city centres.

The point of the campaign is to remind everyone of the risks of immortalising of what should be private, and are very personal, moments online. And also, to be aware that when you drink excessively, such posts are a potential consequence.


DrinkWise CEO, Simon Strahan said, “The fact that young adults see vomiting and making a fool of themselves as a greater risk from excessive drinking than their long-term health means we need to take an innovative approach to our moderation message.

“We’re very aware of the importance of social media to young adults and the time they spend curating their profiles online, all of which can be destroyed from too many drinks and an embarrassing moment, which once on the internet, will be around long after the hangover is gone.”

The campaign consists of four AR statues which immortalise unglamorous drinking moments: “Anna’s Christmas Party Projectile”, “Eddie’s Night-Ender”, “Josh’s Porcelain Kiss”, and “Pete’s Pisshead-ery”.

The campaign forces you to think about how you would feel if this moment of yours was immortalised in a statue? Image: DrinkWise
The activation will be across Melbourne this weekend. Image: Supplied.


To launch the campaign in Melbourne, The Internet Remembers statues will feature in the following locations - in augmented reality:

• Thursday 6th December: Southbank Spillway and Federation Square, 4-8pm

• Friday 7th December: Acland Street, St Kilda and Federation Square, 4-8pm

• Saturday 8th December: Acland Street, St Kilda and Federation Square, 4-8pm

For more information about DrinkWise or The Internet Remembers campaign, visit: