Barack Obama's very best moments as a dad.


A presidency with two teenage girls in tow – it had disaster written all over it.

However, as they’ve done consistently throughout their time in office, the Obama family handled it all with class, wisdom and warmth.

In fact, Obama the dad has to be the most endearing version of the man who lead the free world for two terms.

Even more endearing than Obama the husband.

It’s not just President Barack Obama we’ll miss, but his entire family. Wife Michelle, daughters Malia, 18 and Sasha, 16 as well as dog Bo, eight.

During his presidency, Barack Obama and his family showed us how to rise above and beyond the stress of the oval office, the criticsim, the long hours and the seemingly endless responsibilities.

They faced the world as a united, cohesive, loving family unit.

The Obamas never made a secret of the fact their girls were their number one priority.

And that’s why we love them.