Is your house number lucky? We put numerology to the test.

I think the reason I get into things like numerology and astrology – and even tarot cards – is because I like the idea of giving myself a break from personal responsibility.

I like the idea that some things are influenced by powers stronger than me and that it’s not my fault all my appliances have broken this year, including my washing machine and stove. It’s because I live at house number 23. Didn’t you know that number can make things happen?

The number 23 is not the luckiest house number on the street for many reasons, but of course, when numerology is involved nothing is simple. Don’t scoff. Numerology is so influential to some that they analyse house numbers of properties they are planning to buy.

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I typed the number “23” into a numerology calculator and the first thing it told me was that my street number added up to the number 5. Huh? However it turns out my inability to add is the least of my worries.

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Apparently, those who reside at street number 23 are "unconventional intelligent minds" which sounds pretty good to me, but there are five people who live in this house of all different shapes and sizes. Are we all unconventional intelligent minds or is it just me because I'm the one who found this house? It doesn't go into the fine print about this so I'll choose for it to apply to me only. You have to draw the numerology line somewhere.

Then it continued and, I must admit, I am embarrassed to share it with you because it is so accurate, and embarrassing.

You start by taking the street number and adding each numeral to the other until you are left with one single number. The resulting number is the one you need to worry about. Then you enter into a resource such as and find out fascinating things.


#1 PROS: Inspires ambition, drive and leadership CONS: Not good for singles and could turn you into a hoarder.

#2 PROS: A great choice for families who require sensitivity to get along CONS: Depressing for singles and lacking in energy.

#3 PROS: Great for singles and families with creativity and flexibility. CONS: Makes you indecisive and non-religious.

#4 PROS: Good for strength and responsibility CONS: Not so good if you are creative or unconventional.

#5 MY HOUSE NUMBER! Read extensive and indulgent analysis below.

#6 PROS: Best address for families due to love and responsibility. CONS: Doesn't suit pastel colours, sorry pastel lovers.

#7 PROS: Alone but not lonely and ready for spiritual growth. CONS: Doesn't suit organised religion or inspire happiness.

#8 PROS: There is nothing wrong with this address. It suits everyone and promotes health and happiness for all!

#9 PROS: You'll build your self-confidence and style. CONS: It will kill any - and all - ambition.

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This is what the numerology calculator said about me:

Adventure and change are main ingredients. Inspires independence, freedom, individualism and creativity. A lack of direction and a tendency for chaos can limit financial growth. However, the rewards are a unique perspective and freedom of thought. Single adults at an address that adds to 5 tend to have an easier time to find company but a hard time making it last. Lacks responsibility and reliability. Not a good house for conventional dogmatic people and should also be avoided by those with alcohol or drug problems. Strengthen the positive influence of this address with: Lots of color. Mix and match odd furniture. Unconventional is the key word. Open space, open windows. A bit of disarray and clutter is fine.


What it got right:

Independence, freedom, individualism and creativity. I'm a writer, I've never held a conventional 9-5 job, preferring to work irregular hours, and my imagination is extreme.

Some of my thoughts are left-of-centre and can now be attributed to my "unique perspective and freedom of thought".

Thing about relationships can be applied to my friendships. I have an easy time making friends but struggle to have any lasting friendships.

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I am responsible and reliable, but sometimes it takes huge effort.

I don't have alcohol or drug problems but do have a food addiction when it comes to desserts so, yep, not so good.

I haven't put a lot of thought into the decor. There isn't a lot of colour. Nothing matches. Tick.

I don't function unless I can see open space and through a window. I crave it like air.

Disarray and clutter. Tick and tick.

For those who still have doubts, watch this incredibly valid video that explains exactly how meaningful your house number is to your life. Article continues after the video.


What it got wrong:

I am only adventurous in thought. I live out my adventures by watching movies about adventures and rarely do anything myself. Except I am doing Tough Mudder this month, but that's a first.

I don't like change. Flexibility yes, change no. Change makes me incredibly nervous.

My finances are chaotic but they don't lack direction. Just budgeting skills.

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Clearly there is much more to my crazy life than just the street number I have chosen to live at. Which is why I then looked up the implications of being born on the 21st day of the month. I gained further insight. My creativity was confirmed, as was my social gift and writer was one of the suggestions for a future career. However this time, I got a warning. I was told that I need to stay grounded and focused. I need to develop my talents. No amount of social skills will do as much for me as outstanding work will. I love that. I'm told that I'm nervous and paranoid with frayed nerves and an imagination that runs out of control. So similar to my street number reading.

Both of my numerology readings have been pretty spot on. I must say, I think there could be something to this.

To find out more about why your life is the way it is, according to Numerology, use the following resources:

Which do you think holds the most influence over our lives, if any - numerology or astrology?

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