We have so many questions about this top 10 list of Australia's most popular biscuits.

There’s no denying that Australians are pretty passionate about biscuits.

This week, the NT News shared a list of Australia’s top ten biscuits and it’s safe to say Aussies were not happy…

Here’s the entire list compiled by NT News:

There’s so many of problems here. 

Seriously, so many.

First of all, how are Jatz first? Um, they’re a cracker – not a biscuit.

And how the heck are Tim Tams in third place? Let’s be honest, they deserve the number one spot.

Oh and can we please talk about all the biscuits missing from the list?

Where are the Wagon Wheels? And the Anzac biscuits? And Mint Slice? Guys, this is an absolute travesty.

Of course, Twitter had a lot to say about the controversial ranking.

Here’s some of the best reactions:





Since the list debuted, NT News have responded to the hilarious controversy.

Speaking to Melbourne’s 3AW talkback host Tom Elliot, NT News deputy digital editor David Wood shared why the publication created the list.

“Hatred of the Monte Carlo is where this whole thing started,” he said.

“They’re a bit la-di-da for us (Nothern Territory people). You wouldn’t see us eating ones of them.”

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