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What this woman found in her Tim Tam packet is making us weep.

All Emily wanted was a delicious, chocolatey treat. What she found will make your stomach turn.

Emily Buchanan had invited friends over to her house. Harmless enough.

She thought she’d add to the splendid affair by purchasing a packet of Original Arnott’s Tim Tam’s aka Food of the Gods. She made a good choice here. She was pleased and looked forward to presenting her guests with the chocolatey goodness.

She describes the moment her pleasure turned to pain here, as she writes to Arnott’s on Facebook.


It’s as poetic as Shakespeare and twice as tragic. She even has photographic proof.

The Naked Tam’s.

Obviously, commenters have been sympathetic with her situation.

Something died within us.

So much so that Arnott’s got in touch with her to resolve the horrible situation.


Emily. You are a bright-shining diamond. Do not let this trauma dim your light.

Have you ever experienced the horror of finding something wrong with your food?