For women in NSW, there's one issue in particular that's driving how they will vote.

Right now, NSW is in the midst of an election campaign blitz, with all sides of the political spectrum trying to woo voters.

On March 25, millions of us East-coast Aussies will take to the polls (with a democracy sausage in hand) to have our say on who will lead NSW.

But regardless of who wins, one thing is certain: many of us want to see more from our politicians. 

Recently, we surveyed our Mamamia audience who live in NSW. And according to these women, there are five key issues this state election that will influence who they vote for.

Those issues are cost of living, climate change action, funding for health and hospitals, action on family violence and management of the current rental crisis


In last year's federal election, it became clear how crucial women's votes were - and the need for politicians to seriously engage with women.

As Mia Freedman said at the time: "Women vote. Ignore us at your peril. Never underestimate the importance of engaging with and respecting women. No matter how you voted today, I think we can all agree on that."

Now with the NSW state election looming ahead, fatigue has hit many of us again. And we aren't even near the polling booth yet!

25 per cent  of our audience said they are excited to have their say, but almost half of those surveyed (46.9 per cent) said they are feeling over it already.


Women also shared their messages for whoever is elected, with many calling for our new government to "keep your promises" and "do better".

As we wait to see what Labor's Chris Minns and Liberal's Dominic Perrottet have to say, here's a look at what 50 women want the new government to know.

1. Cost of living. With wage increases not increasing at the same rate as inflation, it is getting harder and harder to get by. 

2. The fact that I am struggling to find a rental - both in regional and inner city parts of the city, terrifies me. In whatever capacity necessary, I really think the government needs to put the focus back on housing affordability but also managing the rental market. People's livelihoods depend on it. 

3. More women are needed in your cabinets! It's 2023. 

4. NSW needs to take mental health more seriously and action more funding and resources. I've been on so many waitlists for accessing support. Wait times could cost a life. 


5. My grocery bill has gone up by 20 per cent. So have my bills. My rent is now astronomical. It's too much. So the new leader of NSW - it's time to put cost of living high on agenda.

6. Women and families were neglected and suffered in the last budget, there has to be a better focus on these issues as the flow on concerns everyone. 

7. Don't forget the regions and rural areas - we have a voice too. So often we get lost.

8. NSW needs to do more on the climate change front. We have so many opportunities at our finger tips to make change, we just need a leader and their party who will push forward with the change. 

9. Visible empathy is something I'm looking for in the new premier.

10. No more political stunts. I think we've had enough of that.

11. Investing in hospitals is key - across the state, not just the city. 

12. Let's build a stronger economy - handing out money to important issues is good, but we need to keep the state financially prosperous as well, particularly for small businesses to thrive. 

13. Follow-through with your promises. 

14. Childcare matters! Don't expect women to just stay at home with their kids - not every family can afford that.

15. Support the state's nurses! 

16. Whoever wins or loses - try and work together on the big issues. Disagreeing and fighting for the sake of politics is not going to benefit anyone. 


17. Please lead with values that reflect your constituents and modern society, not just your personal beliefs. 

18. Currently my hope and faith in politics in general is depleted. I would love to see that change. 

19. Put housing affordability on the agenda.

20. Green policies are the future - so Labor and Liberal, start watching.

21. Money shouldn't just go to private or religious schools - they don't need the funds, public schools do, especially in disadvantaged areas and regional and rural locations. Let's not forget that. 

22. As someone who was affected by floods last year, and is still waiting for disaster relief management funds to trickle down to the community - I have had enough with promises. I want action.

23. Do better. 

24. Listen to the people, young people in particular. It's our future! 

25. We need harsher bail restrictions on men who have been violent towards women. 

26. Think about the future, not just the immediate moment at hand. 

27. I get really frustrated seeing the trains and electricity companies being sold off. We need to stop privatising public assets. Keep in Aussie. 

28. Stop the big supermarkets from rising prices for the sake of it. It's something people are now struggling to afford. 


29. Let's put the focus back on childcare affordability and action on family violence - issues that often directly impact women but issues that don't have enough eyeballs on them.

30. Whoever wins, my message is this - address climate change. No bandaid policies will fly with us anymore. 

31. Don't just focus on what your specific political party wants - it should always be about the people.

32. A down-to-earth attitude goes a long way in winning people over. Remember that. 

33. Don't go backwards on the assisted dying bill for NSW. We already know how both of you voted on that...

34. Please speak to us like people, not down to us as d**kheads who couldn't possibly understand politics or economics. It's condescending. 

35. The fact I'm 40 and still feel hopeless about buying a house in NSW is a problem. Despite the fact I live in a dual-income household and have a decent wage. It's just ridiculous. 

36. Make living easier for families. 

37. I want the leader to look after our state's hardest workers - teachers, nurses, healthcare workers, aged care workers, doctors and more. 

38. Act with conviction and moral integrity.

39. My bills are through the roof and now my rent is being hiked as well. It's not just a individual issue now - it's a collective experience that so many are dealing with.


40. I'm a little fatigued that we're voting between two white men. And I don't have much hope that either of their teams will have the #womenpower we need. So for whoever wins - celebrate and push for diversity of all kinds.

41. I think this term will all be about rebuilding trust. 

42. Lately there's been too many whisperings of corruption. Whoever wins next - make sure to squash that with an iron fist. 

43. Let's build a state that our kids will be proud of. 

44. As a nurse, I need the state government in power to do something about healthcare and hospital funding. We are exhausted since COVID-19, and we deserve so much more. 

45. Remember that the loudest aren't often the majority. So make sure to give the whole state a fair go. 

46. Climate change - our state government must take it seriously. We've seen a direct impact re the Northern NSW floods. So why aren't we doing more? 

47. I want to see more diversity in your team - not just a bunch of like-minded white male politicians.

48. Let's make an active effort to squash the horrific domestic violence statistics. 

49. Don't f**k it up.

50. Listen to women. 

What's your message for whoever wins the NSW state election? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: AAP/Mamamia.