The anti-speeding ad everyone's talking about these holidays.

As of yesterday, Australia’s holiday road toll was already at 18.

That’s 18 people who won’t be with their families next Christmas. Grandparents, mothers, fathers, siblings, children. Gone.

It’s the time of year when mistakes are made and accidents happen, but most of them could be prevented.

A new anti-speeding campaign from the NSW Government is urging people to slow down this summer.

You might have seen the TV ad for it air during last night’s Big Bash cricket, or if you’ve been watching other programs over the Christmas period. If you did, odds are you’re still thinking about it.

It’s one minute long and utterly devastating.

Two cars are set to collide at a country intersection, but time stops.

Image via Transport for NSW

The car's drivers — both men — get out and confront one another.

"Mate, I'm so sorry, I thought there was time," the first apologises, realising he is at fault.


"It was a simple mistake."

The second driver knows it, but was going too fast to avoid an accident.

"Please, I've got my boy in the back," the first says.

Image via Transport for NSW

But it's already too late. The men get back in the cars and time begins to move again.

Last year in NSW 146 people died in crashes involving speeding.

Often it's 'good' drivers who speed, rationalising that their experience behind the wheel will keep them safe. "But I'm a good driver," they'll say, when you tell them to knock off a few Ks.

This may be, but it ignores one crucial thing: other people make mistakes.

A simple error on the road shouldn't cost someone their life — and it won't, as everyone parks their egos at home and goes a little slower.