7 reasons why you shouldn't ask a woman why she's not drinking.

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So, we’ve all had that moment at a party when a complete stranger has clocked the contents of the glass in our hand and has then exclaimed in horror about the fact we’re (gasp) not drinking.

It seems like all eyes at the party turn towards you and it’s enough to make you dump your glass of water into the sink and make a run for it out the front door. Almost.

Thankfully, there are fixes for that now. You could always try the ol’ passing off sparkling water as vodka soda trick but it’s still a risky move. And soda water is just so boring.

And then there’s options like Seedlip, which make the task so much easier. If you haven’t heard of Seedlip yet, it’s the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits range, and it’s vegan and allergen-free.

It comes in citrus, aromatic and herbal flavours, so you can still enjoy a refreshingly fancy beverage when you’re going out or staying in…without the threat of facing a hangover.

But look, no one should ever question what’s in your glass. As women, we have reasons for why we may not be drinking – and here are seven of them.

1. Maybe she hates the taste of alcohol. Like, a lot.

Let’s dare to dream for a second and try to imagine a world where we accept that everyone is just a little bit different.

While it may seem like an overly obvious answer to the question of ‘Hey! Why are you not drinking?’ The simple response might be that they just don’t like the taste of alcohol, and no amount of pestering will change their mind. It will just result in them unfollowing you on Instagram, and no one wants that.


2. She might be pregnant and you’re making things very uncomfortable.

Calm down, people. via GIPHY

There are many reasons why women prefer not to drink at different stages of their lives and in some cases, this is linked to fertility and pregnancy, which is a sensitive subject that no one should be forced to speak on.

If a woman is attempting to fall pregnant, there are medical and lifestyle reasons she may not want alcohol in her body at that time.

If she is pregnant, it may be too early to tell the news and really, it benefits no one to have a pregnant woman sneaking around a party attempting to discreetly dispose of a wine glass so she doesn’t have to answer personal questions from her colleagues.

So if you don’t want a glass of non-alcoholic liquid tipped over your head in the near future, just keep those lips sealed.

3. She’s the designated driver.

When you’re on an open driver’s licence, there are laws around the small of amount of alcohol you can have in your system when you drive a car. However, many people prefer to have zero alcohol in their systems when they drive for a number of reasons.

One reason might be that they are about to go and pick up their kids from after school activities and embark on the long trek home and the last thing they need is to be pressured into sneaking in ‘just one drink’ before they get behind the wheel.

4. She doesn’t want hangxiety at work the next day.

Not. Fun. via GIPHY

If you choose to indulge in a few drinks during the working week, go for it. Others may want to reserve their hangovers for the weekend, because working with a hangover is the absolute pits.


Hot sweats. Running to the toilet during meetings. Having to call your boss saying you’ve got food poisoning when your Instagram stories clearly show you were at pub trivia last night. THE WORST.

5. She could be on medication that doesn’t mix well with alcohol.

There are many medications, both long term and short term, that doctors advise against mixing with alcohol, which could explain why a woman is nursing a glass of mineral water at a party. I know some people believe that a sober person in the mix can dampen a festive buzz, but you know what’s so much worse?

Making someone explain their medical history to you as they yell over the festive music and try not to sink into the floor from embarrassment. So maybe just don’t ask?

6. It’s possible that she prefers to drink white wine, yet they are only serving red.

Look, some people are in a monogamous relationship with some types of wine and that is a valid and healthy lifestyle choice.

If a woman is a die-hard fan of red wine, please don’t attempt to make her change her personal values by asking why she’s not drinking the (frankly disgusting) warm Chardonnay that’s circulating the room. Just let it go.

7. Most importantly of all…because it’s actually not really any of your business.

For all the reasons why (and a dozen more) it’s just never OK to ask a woman why she’s not drinking. In fact, asking is just downright boring. Just accept the fact that there are more drinks now available to you and move on with your life.

How have you handled moments like these in your life? Tell us in a comment below.

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