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Leigh Campbell's machine-washable, no-iron-needed clothes edit.

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I really enjoy fashion but do NOT enjoy washing and folding and ironing.

Over the years I’ve come to learn what fabrics are my friends, and which ones are high maintenance. In an ideal world my wardrobe would only consist of items that can go in the washing machine (on a cold cycle of course, I’m not an animal), and that don't need ironing. 

I’m happy to compromise with a quick steam every now and then (with this clothes steamer), but overall, I don't want my garments to create more work for me than is absolutely necessary - otherwise I feel myself reaching for them less and less.

So, with that in mind, here’s my low-maintenance laundry edit. 

Witchery Cotton Linen Pull On Pant, 179.95.

Image: Witchery, The Iconic.

While pure linen is pretty lush, it also creases a lot more. I find a linen/cotton blend creases like Goldilocks (juuuust right) but because it’s still made of natural fibres, breathability is good. These pants are the perfect fit. As with all linen, washing in cold water is paramount. 

Kmart Plisse Pants, $18.

Image: Kmart.

Plisse has to be the most laundry-friendly material of all time. Countless brands and labels use this type of fabric, which was created to be crinkled and puckered on purpose, and is virtually impossible to muck up in the wash. It doesn't need an iron (in fact, it would hate that!) and doesn't crease in your suitcase - or take up much room, either - making it ideal for travel. 

Preview Pocket Colum Skirt, $40.

Image: Target.

ICYMI, we’re taking traditional workwear and teaming it with casual basics or dressier pieces to get more mileage (in addition to wearing it to the office, of course). A skirt like this - and blazers and pants, too - are generally made up of a polyester and viscose blend that doesn't crease badly and can be thrown in the washing machine. More of this, please. 

Uniqlo Rayon Long Sleeve Blouse, $49.90.

Image: Uniqlo.

The clever basic-makers at Uniqlo know the struggles of laundry, especially when it comes to travelling for work. They have designed items that are intentionally wrinkle-resistant, this shirt being one of them. I’d size up for a more boxy fit, and while rayon and hot, humid weather might not be best friends, it’s a fine fabric for cooler months or if you work in chilly air-con.

ShowPo Caralina Oversized Blazer, $99.95.

Image: Showpo.

While I love a wool or linen blazer, having two long-hair cats makes things tricky (I’ve lost count of how many lint rollers I've been through trying to remove cat fur). I got this blazer a while back (it’s a classic style they always have) and not only did it not grab fur, it has endured being rolled and scrunched in tote bags and suitcases and always looks great despite the neglect. 

Cotton On Adjustable Wide Jean, $79.95.

Image: Cotton On.

You know what doesn't need ironing? Your jeans. Okay, I know some people iron their jeans, but I don't have the patience for that. Instead, I do the ‘triple flick’ out of the washing machine before hanging them to dry, and they're pretty damn smooth. I love this new style from Cotton On because the adjustable button sides are cool, but also give you room when you’re bloated or at a buffet (or you can't decide where you want your jeans to sit on your hips).

Zara Ribbed Top, $19.95.

Image: Zara.

T-shirts are another item I’d prefer not to iron unless necessary, though my mum often tells me my tee is too creased. My solution? Opt for a ribbed version. You can get form-fitting options or oversized, but the common thread here is they bounce back from the wash much better than smooth or plain t-shirts. 

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Feature Image: Instagram @leighacampbell

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