The very awkward way Sydney's mum found out about her daughter's nipple piercing.

It comes as no surprise that children lie to their parents on the regular.

Whether it be to avoid their mum’s unnecessary worrying, or because they’re aware they’ve done something really, really bad, it’s all too easy to tell a little fib or simply avoid the truth.

Especially when the secret that requires hiding is very concealable, such as… a nipple piercing. Or two, in this case.

For Twitter user Sydney_allenn, she almost got away with it. Almost.

Until she went to the doctor with her mother to get an MRI scan.

“I have chiari malformation (“brain leakage”) which causes a lot of spinal fluid and nerve issues,” Sydney began explaining to another Twitter user.

“I get X-rays frequently to make sure my shoulder and back alignment is good cause it’s supposed to help. I’m trying non surgical solutions,” she said.

However, when the scan came back, her mother was well and truly shocked by the results in a way she probably wasn’t expecting.


It looks so… painful.

Surprisingly, others shared similar stories in response.



B-but… that’s your gum. How your pain tolerance is so high, we have no idea.

Others responded to the funny original tweet with matched levels of humour, and people, there’s only so much laughter we can take.

This one definitely wins: