Meghan Markle addressed a big rumour about her past. Now, she's being accused of lying.

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In Meghan Markle’s first speech of the royal tour, the Duchess spoke about how important it was for her to get an education and encourage girls around the world to do the same.

She also subtly cleared up a rumour about her past by saying she paid for her own university tuition.

Meghan has avoided speaking publicly about the family drama she’s dealt with since her relationship with Prince Harry began, but her speech in Fiji addressed up the rumour started by her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr that Meghan’s education at Northwestern University was paid for by her father’s lottery winnings.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday late last year, Thomas Jr said their father won $750,000 in a lottery when Meghan was nine and used this money to put her through “the best schools”, including Northwestern University.

Of course, Meghan didn’t explicitly mention her brother’s comment but said she made it through university thanks to her own hard work.

“The journey of higher education is an incredible, impactful and pivotal one. I am also fully aware of the challenges of being able to afford this level of schooling for many people around the world – myself included,” she said.

“It was through scholarships, financial aid programs, and work-study where my earnings from a job on campus went directly towards my tuition – that I was able to attend university. And, without question, it was worth every effort.”


Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Markle very quickly disputed this, taking to her private Twitter account to say Meghan’s claim was “delusionally absurd!”

samantha markle tweet
Harsh. Image: Twitter.

It's no secret that Meghan's half-siblings and father have been cut out of her new life as a royal. Earlier this month, Samantha issued an extremely weak 'apology' to her sister for the drama they have caused.


"I would just say that there is so much water under the bridge and so much has spun out of control that was never intended to... I just think that families can be this way when there’s confusion and people are hurt. So moving forward, I apologise and wish things could be different."

So... yes, she used the word 'apologise' but didn't actually own up to or apologise for any of her own actions, which include selling stories about Meghan, likening her to Donald Trump and calling her a "duchass".

While Meghan has been careful not to address her family's attacks, it must be hard to stay tight lipped. These short few lines in her speech are her way of publicly disputing the rumours they have spread about her, while inspiring others who listen.

Following her claim that she paid for her own schooling, Meghan also talked about the importance of making sure all girls can receive an education in her speech.

"Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to receive the education they want, but more importantly the education they have the right to receive. And for women and girls in developing countries, this is vital. Providing them with access to education is the key to economic and social development. Because when girls are given the right tools to succeed, they can create incredible futures, not only for themselves but also for those around them."