Nikki and Richie have a secret "hand-squeeze" code, how did we not see it?

First, it was her many interview slip-ups.

Then it was the photo of her wearing a giant rock on her engagement finger (which turned out to be an old photo, but STILL).


Now, Nikki is dishing out more evidence that she might be the final girl standing come Thursday night’s Bachelor finale.

Is Nikki Richie's final pick? Image via Channel 10.

The 28-year-old from West Australia has revealed that she and Richie used a "secret code" to communicate when the other girls were around.

"He and I have a [secret] hand-squeeze code when the other around...It's three squeezes. It's our cheeky thing," she told NW.

The one and only Keira makes an appearance on this week's episode of Bach Chat.

While we're not exactly sure what those three squeezes actually mean, having a secret conversation via hand-holding is proof that Richie's feelings for Nikki might be mutual.

We think the feeling is mutual...Image via Channel 10.

Nikki also let slip that she got to "have Richie all to herself" during the foursome's final romantic trip to Bali.

"I didn't want to put the other girls on I decided not to tell them," she said.

Not that the final three spend much time together in the final stages of the competition: Nikki told us last week that the girls are separated after Richie visits their home towns.

"From hometowns we're all separate, and I appreciate why it has to be like that," she said.

"Obviously, we've got really deep feelings at this point and it just wouldn't be fair to have us all hanging out...having a couple of cocktails just chatting. It's just not reality."

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