Runner up Nikki responds to rumours she's dating Richie after Alex 'left him for a woman'.

When news broke earlier this week that Alex Nation and Richie Strahan had broken up and Nation had found love with her AFL teammate Maegan Luxa, people were quick to wonder whether Strahan had moved on with one of his former Bachelor flames.

Because it’s happened before, guys – IT’S HAPPENED BEFORE (*cough* Blake and Louise *cough*).

However, everyone’s favourite Bachelor runner-up Nikki Gogan has confirmed that she’s not, in fact, dating the man who broke her heart on national TV.

She ain’t got time for that.

Yesterday, Gogan posted a throwback photo of herself at the Broome races on Instagram. Not long after she posted the photo, Nation commented, “Absolute beauty!”

Then one Instagram follower just straight up asked, “Are you and [sic] Ritchie dating now?”

To which Gogan replied, “Hi no, we aren’t x”.

Someone else commented: “I’m sure he has reached out to you for another chance by now. I’m glad you didn’t give in”.

But nope… NOPE. Gogan is having none of it. This is NOT a thing.

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