BREAKING BACHIE NEWS: Meet the man who's apparently our next 'Bachelor'.

Ladies, put on your best cocktail dress and get prepared to accept a rose, because we may have just discovered who’s the next ‘Bachelor’.

And he’s a little… different.

He’s basically the male equivalent of Sophie Monk.

According to both the Daily Telegraph and Woman’s Day, the show may have cast Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins are their next bachie.

In case you missed it, and are currently wondering “who is this man with the glorious mustache?”, Cummins AKA Honey Badger is a rugby union player.

He started off his career playing for the Western Force in Perth, before moving to Japan to play for the Coca-Cola Sparks in the Japanese top league.

The 30-year-old is the face of Tradie underwear and has appeared in some ads for Tourism Australia.

He’s also bloody hilarious and has almost 250,000 followers on Instagram, who he keeps up-to-date with his topless adventures on boats.

Gettin a bit of D on the chassis. @tradieworkwear

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He also likes to fart in the face of medium-sized animals.

Do you reckon the larma copped a whiff? #gopro

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Anywho, a “source” apparently told Woman’s Day Honey Badger will be the next Bachelor.

“He’s going to be great for the franchise. Funny, witty, with a huge cult following. This is stroke of genius for the network,” the source told the publication.

In case you were wondering, Honey Badger gave himself the name, erm, Honey Badger.

“There was a documentary on National Geographic or Animal Planet, one of them Fox bloody setups. Yeah, I watched this thing and this honey badger was going toe-to-toe with a male lion,” he explained a few years ago.

“And um, he was underneath him — underdog, obviously — on his back, clawing away, one, two and then bloody, the big fella got his canastas clawed off and he trod off round the corner and fell over, and the badger gets back up and I thought, what an animal. You know, that’s bloody… that’s impressive.”

Yep, we can’t wait to see this guy meet his potential wives at the bachie mansion.