Whoops. The Honey Badger just gave us a massive (accidental) clue about who he chooses.

Oh goodness.

Nick Cummins aka The Honey Badger aka The Bachelor accidentally gave us a clue about the woman he chooses on the 2018 season of one of Australia’s most popular reality television shows.

Just yesterday, he told Mamamia that he definitely isn’t into “couch potatoes” which hurt precisely all of our feelings.

But the 30-year-old former Wallabies player gave YET ANOTHER HINT this morning during an interview with Nova 96.9.

Appearing on Fitzy and Wippa, Michael Wipfli asked: “Have you got a type of girl? I mean if you look at past relationships, are they brunettes are they blondes are they outdoorsy type people or…?”

Cummins, who looked like he was desperately trying to remember what he is and is not allowed to say, replied: “In the past, they have actually been sandy blonde… and that’s why I’ve had a big changer.”


He has had a big changer. 

That is Honey Badger speak for… he has fallen for a brunette of all people. 

You can watch the full video right here…

The perceptive hosts then pressed, “OH, so you go for a brunette do you?” to which Cummins stumbled, realised he had stuffed up just a lil’ bit and awkwardly responded, “Oh… well… if you just give me a sec and um so… what happened was… you go in with these ideas about what you think you like and then you hit some levels you haven’t really hit before with any other woman. It just blows out this whole six foot blonde, brunette…

“It’s all about your sole mission on this earth and can you do it together.”

… With a brunette.

We’ll be keeping a very close eye on any brown-haired bachelorettes on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor which premieres on Channel 10 at 7:30pm.