"Is this chicken or is this fish?" The 5 most ridiculous moments from Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.

Eighteen years ago, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey gave us a look inside their married life behind closed doors.

On their reality TV show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, we watched the young couple get married, move in together, and face the many trials and tribulations that come with married life.

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Just like every other normal married couple, Nick and Jessica got into arguments about cleaning, whether to eat out or stay in, and why someone would spend $750 on underwear. You know, normal stuff.

Even all these years later, we can't forget the ridiculous moments that happened on the early '00s TV show. So in case you did, we wrote them all down.

Here are the five most ridiculous moments from Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.

1. When Nick got mad at Jessica for spending $750 on underwear.

Throughout the show, Nick got mad at Jessica for spending an absurd amount of money on things that don't need to cost that much.

Our favourite moment? When Jessica spent $750 on two bras and two pairs of underwear. 

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Another was when she spent $1,200 on sheets. Or when she spent $55,000 on a watch for him. Okay, there were many ridiculous money moments.

2. When Jessica asked whether she was eating tuna or chicken.

Ahh, the best moment from the entire show. 

During the first episode of season one, when the couple were eating dinner, Jessica asked Nick whether she was eating chicken or tuna.

"Is this chicken or is this fish?" she asked. "I know it's tuna, but it says chicken... by the sea."

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Just to confirm, she was eating tuna. The brand of tuna was called Chicken of the Sea.

3. When Jessica got confused about what buffalo wings were.

Yep, just another moment when Jessica got confused about protein. 

This time, she was offered buffalo wings but said no because she doesn't eat buffalo... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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4. Jessica being a... grub.

Okay so this wasn't exactly one moment, it was more a recurring theme throughout the entire show. 

On Newlyweds, Jessica was only 22, while Nick was 30. So she was just learning how to act like an adult, while he'd been doing it for quite some time. Jessica's reasoning behind her grubby behaviour was that she grew up with maids and her mum doing everything for her, so she didn't actually know how...

And most of the time, instead of trying to learn how to do things like washing, she would ask Nick if they could get a cleaner. And well, Nick said no.

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5. Nick's 30th birthday.

At Nick's 30th birthday, Jessica came up with the brilliant idea to pop out of his giant cake wearing lingerie and a push-up corset. Then sing him 'Happy Birthday' in a Marilyn Monroe-esque voice. Her parents were in attendance.

Yep, awkward.

To top it all off, this was the same night that Jessica gifted Nick a $55,000 diamond watch for his birthday and Nick... got mad about it.

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Sadly Jessica and Nick's marriage only last three, short years. But these ridiculous moments from Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica will live in our minds rent-free forever.

What was your favourite ridiculous moment from Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica? Let us know in the comments below.

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