All sexual contact on Bachelor in Paradise must now be approved by producers: reports.

After production was halted to investigate claims of sexual assault involving two contestants, Bachelor spin-off show Bachelor in Paradise has resumed filming its fourth season.

But it seems producers are putting some very strict rules in place to avoid any more allegations of misconduct.

Two weeks ago, reports suggested a female contestant may have been too intoxicated to consent to a sexual encounter with a male contestant. It was also alleged the incident was caught on film.

The studio behind the show announced last week the show would continue, after an internal investigation found no evidence of any wrongdoing, on or off camera.

bachelor in paradise sexual assault
Filming of the show's fourth season was halted following sexual assault claims. (Image: Twitter)

According to TMZ, a source on the show's Mexican set revealed that contestants must now seek "permission" from producers if they wish to pursue sexual relations with each other.

"We're told before anyone can get it on, both parties must go to a producer and state that they consent," the site reports.


The source also said that before allowing sexual conduct to go forward, producers must determine whether both partners are capable of giving consent.

bachelor in paradise kiss
Contestants must now "seek permission" before engaging in any sexual activity on the show. Image via ABC.

If not, the producer is allowed to "ban" the liaison from happening.

The site also reports that producers have the right to "barge in and stop things mid-coitus" if contestants disobey the new rules.

Other new policies for the contestants—which no longer include DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios—include handing over all drugs, legal or otherwise, and a drink maximum of two per hour.

Although we can appreciate the new measures being put in place, it does appear that such procedures should have existed before a scandal made international headlines.

Perhaps a lesson on how consent works would be better suited because we're pretty sure that if you have to ask someone else if the person you are with is unable to consent, then you're clearly missing the point.