PSA: You're about to start paying more for Netflix.

Important information, Netflix devotees: you’re about to start paying an extra 10 per cent to binge all your favourite series.

As of this Saturday, the goods and services tax (GST) will be added to the fees of Australian subscribers of the popular streaming service.

This is the first time the GST has been placed on digital products purchased from abroad by Australians.

Netflix Tax
Source: Netflix

The move will also impact other digital goods and services bought from overseas including songs, apps and podcasts.

"We collect and remit tax wherever we are legally obligated to do so," a Netflix spokesperson told The New Daily.

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This new legal measure is set to ensure overseas companies do not have the benefit of cheaper prices over Australian companies when it comes to digital products.

Sure, the price hike is a bit annoying - but it'll take a lot more to stop us from Netflix and chill-ing.

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