A woman shared fears about her neighbour's pregnancy and the responses were a bit brutal.


A mother who is renting a semi-detached house with a shared wall that’s “so bloody thin [I] can hear everything”, has shared concerns about her expectant neighbour.

Writing in the online chat forum in Mumsnet, the woman explains that her neighbour mentioned to her in passing that she’s expecting a child – which was not at all news to this mum’s ears.

“I probably am being U [unreasonable]. I think I just need to vent,” she starts.

“My next door neighbour is a woman with one DC…I’m already dreading the noise this will entail at night and feel quite stressed about being woken up by a baby then having to get up and go to work.”

Noting that she has her own teenaged child to consider, the woman claims that the neighbour is already noisy.

“I feel shit that it’s going to get 100000x worse when this baby is born. I’ve just started a new relationship with someone who is in a highly professional job, I was hoping he’d be able to start staying over at mine but with a screaming child next door who would want to?”

The neighbour's post in the chat forum. Source: Mumsnet

Feeling trapped and at a loss for a potential solution (for a potential problem I guess, as not all babies are screamers), the woman concludes by explaining she is only renting, and so could move homes, "but there aren’t many affordable houses to rent in this area and I need to be close for my child’s school."

Finally, she acknowledges she's perhaps catastrophizing her neighbour's joy:

"I’m just dreading this already, I’ve lived beneath a newborn before in a flat and it was horrific. I know I’m being ridiculously U [unreasonable]."

The woman's acknowledgement that her concern for her future is unreasonable didn't endear her to the chat group's respondents, many of whom felt she was being unfair on the expectant mother.


Some commenters were sensible, pointing out that if the problem does materialise, it won't be a permanent situation, as babies grow up. But some group members couldn't help but deliver some brutal honesty:

"Better to moan about it here than to your neighbour, because that would make you a massive twat," wrote one.

"You have a teenager... Which means other people had to put up with your child's screaming. But I guess that was ok because it wasn't your problem..." noted another.

"No one is this self absorbed surely!!" is a sentiment that summed up many of the responses.

The concerned woman did get some constructive help and empathy, however.

"I feel for you, nobody knows how bad it is to live in a house with paper thin walls until you've lived in one," wrote one woman. "At my [friend’s] house you can hear the neighbours putting dishes in the drying rack, it's that bad."

One forum member found it in her heart to be pragmatic and reassuring:

"Well, your options are; 1. Move 2. Don't move and cross your fingers that the baby is a quiet baby - both mine were, they slept and they drank and they slept and drank, round and round."