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The cheapest wedding ever.

Cancelled wedding? No worries.

So you want a cheap wedding but you don’t want to scrimp on the food, flowers or fancy invitations, and you don’t want to buy yourself a 99 cent eBay dress.

Well guess what? Now you can have your fancy pants 10-tiered wedding cake and EAT IT TOO.

We’d like to introduce you to this little website, called Bridal Brokerage.

They purchase cancelled weddings… and then resell them to new couples at bargain basement prices.

According to their site, over 250,000 weddings in the US are called off every year. Which seems like an awfully big number, but then again, a lot can go wrong. Future grooms sleeping with future sister-in-laws. Disagreements over wedding cake flavours. Major fights over why Cousin Bernie is invited to the wedding when he groped your bum that one time.

Anyhow – often, the costs of the called-off wedding can’t be recovered, resulting in the already-heartbroken bride and groom being even more devastated when they see the states of their bank accounts.

That’s where Bridal Brokerage waltzes (as only a bridal site can) in.

By reselling the wedding:

Sellers recover deposits and upfront costs hassle-free.

Venues and vendors enjoy uninterrupted business as usual.

Buyers find beautiful, pre-planned weddings at a fraction of the price.

So it’s someone else’s dress/flowers/suit/location. But at least it’s cheap.

The weddings were originally meant to be sold to those who need a wedding, pronto. Bridal Brokerage diplomatically phrases it as those that are on an “accelerated” timeline, such as elopers and pregnancies.


But now it’s largely geared towards “non-planners” (you don’t have to pick a napkin style! Someone else has already done it for you!) and also those in search of a bargain. It’s pretty much the wedding-planner version of Hot Dollar.

So. Looking to buy?

All you have to do is fill out a quick form that asks about your basic preferences for the big day. They then attempt to match up those preferences to a wedding that’s available.

And of course, the weddings are currently US-only; but if you’re not fussed about a location, here are some of the weddings currently available to snap up:

– May 11th and 26th in Charlottesville, Virginia (Castle Hill Cider)
– June 14th in Annapolis, Maryland (Herrington on the Bay)
– June 30th in San Ramon, California (San Ramon Golf Club)
– September 28th in Cincinnati (Elements Event Center)


Have you ever been invited to a wedding that got cancelled?