Naomi Watts just got the most glorious revenge on a fan who snapped her on a train.

Constantly being hounded by paparazzi trying to stalk and snap your every move is sure to get on your nerves.

Actress Naomi Watts, 48, has had many years experience dealing with sneaky paps invading her personal space and personal life.

Naomi is no stranger to living her life in the spotlight. Image via Getty.

But it seems she's learned a valuable lesson from the press throughout her career, and knows how to take a sneaky photo herself.

The internet has recently re-discovered Naomi's hidden skill, and an Instagram snap posted in May, 2016 has resurfaced.

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In the photo, Naomi catches a fan on the New York City subway taking a picture of her.

Think you're pretty sneaky? #gotyou #snap #subwayscenes ????????????

A post shared by Naomi Watts (@naomiwatts) on

"Think you're pretty sneaky?" Naomi captioned the photo, adding the hashtag "#gotyou".

Naomi's photo was uploaded on the same day her not-so-sneaky fan, Aubrey Lofgren, posted the corresponding image on her own Instagram account:

The beautiful Naomi Watts on the subway today. #fanningout #hlclannyc2016

A post shared by aubrey lofgren (@aubreylofgrenphotography) on


One year on, and Twitter has finally caught on and put the two photos side by side.


It's sure to go down as one of the greatest celeb comebacks of all time.

Have you ever been 'busted' taking a photo of a celebrity? Tell us in the comments below!