It appears Jimmy Bartel was edited out of Nadia Bartel's appearance on The Real Full Monty: Ladies' Night.

On Sunday night, businesswoman Nadia Bartel performed bra-less for The All New Monty: Ladies’ Night to encourage women to get checked regularly for breast cancer. She joined a cast including Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan, model Rachael Finch and swimming star Lisa Curry in the inaugural event.

Nadia’s involvement in the charitable performance follows her split from her husband and the father of her two kids, ex-AFL player Jimmy Bartel over a month ago.

“I’m a mum to two beautiful boys, and their dad is ex-AFL player Jim Bartel,” Nadia said to the camera.

“It’s been a tough time personally for me recently,” Nadia, 34, admitted. “It’s just so painful.”

“I’m hoping with Ladies’ Night it will give me more confidence,” she said. “Obviously we’re there for the cause, but I think it will be great for me to put myself out there.”

Watch: The ladies perform in The All New Monty. Post continues after video. 

“[It’s about] doing something that is definitely totally out of my comfort zone. I think it will give me a whole new load of confidence.”

But although the network tried to infer that Nadia’s involvement in The All New Monty was a post-split decision, previous advertisements for the show would suggest otherwise.

Indeed, it would appear the television show was in fact filmed a while ago, when the married couple were still together. However following their breakup, Jimmy was edited out of the Channel Seven show.


In promotion material for the show, Jimmy Bartel is clearly visible in the front row of the theatre, standing and clapping for his wife.

But in the hour-long special, Jimmy was nowhere to be seen, bar a silhouette of him in crowd-wide shots.

nadia bartel full monty
Jimmy Bartel was seen in the advertisements for 'The All New Monty.' But following the couple's split, he was edited out. Image: Channel 7.

Daily Telegraph did report this would be the case in early September, with an insider telling the publication: "He will have to be edited from Ladies’ Night. He was in the audience and he was definitely in cutaways."

Nadia and Jimmy met in 2008, before marrying in 2014. The details of the their split are unknown, but it is alleged that the mum-of-two found text messages on Jimmy's phone, which suggested he was cheating with another woman.

Rumours of their split first began circling in late August, after the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram. Jimmy has since made his profile, where he has over 100,000 followers, private.

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