Fluff: Cute boys were on My Kitchen Rules because of their smiles, not their skills.

In news that has shocked the nation, Harry and Christo have been eliminated from My Kitchen Rules.

According to guest judge Liz Egan, their espresso crème brulee tasted like a thickshake and their chips were soggy for the main.

Rookie error, you very good looking Victorian boys.

Ok, so this may not be ground-breaking information, but what is questionable is how the boys who seemingly can’t cook may have been recruited to a show whose entire premise is cooking.

At the Super Saturday race that happened last week, the boys were out with the MKR crew posing with girls who had already taken off their shoes and were all trying to recruit teams for the next season.

When one race-goer was spotted and asked to sign up for the show next season, she queried if her complete lack of cooking skills and inability to effectively use a microwave might be an issue.

Allegedly, she was told that no, this was not important, as she had a good look for the show (read: was dressed up for a themed Hen’s day and looked quirky).

Does this mean that Harry and Christo were recruited in similar circumstances? Had they garnished their meals with a winning smile that landed them on the show?

This is not clear. What we can be sure of (due to the reaction from fans on Twitter) is that the Victorian boys may have lost the cooking battle, but won the ‘ways to get a date’ war.

Here’s a look at the other teams who have been recruited to the ‘cooking’ show.

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