Chloe and Kelly MKR Fluff: Those My Kitchen Rules girls everyone hates? Yeah, now they hate each other.




Tensions are simmering on My Kitchen Rules.

A sauce (read: source) has confirmed that the friendship of resident mean girls from Perth, Chloe and Kelly, is officially cooked.

“Things are icy between them. They have little to no involvement with each other,’ the insider dished.

The insider beefed out their claim, adding “They are all smiles and bubbly when the microphones are on, then it’s dead silence. It’s extremely awkward and uncomfortable.”

This follows from a report that Kelly, 27, stormed off the set after something fishy went down with former best friend, Chloe, 28.

Chloe was further burnt by Kelly when she started befriending other contestants on the show by ditching her mean girl persona and instead being sweet as sugar.

This is a huge change, as the two had previously been known to join together when canning other contestants’ meals. This has resulted in them often being attacked by the public on social media as their mean spirit has often left a sour taste in many viewer’s mouths.

No word yet as to how this will impact their cooking relationship on the show, for the moment this is only food for thought.

But combined with their poor cooking performance, this feud is just a recipe for disaster.

Here are a few of the contestants Kelly is now trying to butter up.

Paul and Blair

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