"This show needs a major overhaul." Why the My Kitchen Rules finale is turning off viewers.

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After an entire season of drama-laden cooking adventures, the finale of My Kitchen Rules aired on Sunday night across the country to criticism of overly contrived drama and set-up arguments.

Surprise, surprise.

Fans voiced their disdain for the way producers may have set up an argument between Melbourne mothers Kim and Suong last night, after the two began bickering in the middle of the final challenge. It came after Suong burned four quail birds, five of the desserts and dropped two prawns on the floor.

Watch the argument in the video below.

Video by Channel 7

With $250,000 on the line, Kim and Suong engaged in what viewers described as a staged verbal altercation, with Kim saying: “We may as well pack our bags and go home!”

And going by the commentary, it appears viewers are now ready to turn away from the show.

“There’s something weirdly unnatural about Kim and Suong’s drama, is it really necessary,” one Twitter user wrote.


The Melbourne mums were the runner-ups in the finale of the popular show, scoring 52 out of 60 for their five dishes to Alex and Emily’s score of 55.