Chrissy Teigen asked mums to share stories of when their kids were mean to them, and... wow.

There are moments when I think back to things I did to my mum as a kid and cringe.

Like when I was three and told her I loved “daddy” more.

Or, when I was about twelve and wanted her to stop dropping me so close to the school because I was embarrassed.

Perhaps, with a sigh of relief, my mum and I both realise that every parent and child has days like that.

Even Chrissy Teigen: model, business person, and Queen of Sassy Tweets.

After a particularly tough day, she put this tweet out to her 7.58 million followers:

And, BOY OH BOY, did people offer up their stories.

From being refused kisses by their toddlers to being savagely cut down from their six-year-olds, parents around the world are uniting.

To be honest, it’s posts like this that make me bow down to every mother and father who is surviving out there.

Now, we want to know yours! In the spirit of sharing, and knowing that you are not alone, when have your kids been a bit mean to you?

Over to you…

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