With one photo, this mum nails the difference between a 'dad hangover' and 'mum hangover'.

Anyone who’s ever had a hangover knows that the only thing you want to do is eat a greasy bacon and egg roll, chug four litres of coffee and go straight back to bed.

Unfortunately, when you are responsible for making sure tiny humans are bathed, fed and watered, the ‘luxury’ of giving yourself time to recover from last night’s drinking session is just not at all possible.

Well, for at least one parent, anyway.

Blogger Sophie Lilley, of Tired ‘N Tested, recently posted an image for her followers to hilariously sum up the difference in how a mother and a father parent while suffering a hangover.

The mum-of-two, from Cheshire in England, shared a photo of her husband snoozing on the couch, while she slaved over the stove making lasagna.

Image via Facebook.

"Dad hangover vs. Mum hangover," she captioned the snap.

"He 'looked after the kids'/put the TV on for them, then fell asleep five minutes into Minions.

"I made a family-sized lasagna (from scratch, may I add) and cracked on with life."

Her image has so far earned almost 3,000 likes, with many women sharing their own tales of parenting while hungover.

"All very familiar. At least he got up to switch the TV on," one fellow mum wrote.

"What sort of mad woman cooks lasagne from scratch with a hangover? Impressive but crazy!! A trip to "Old McDonald's" is essential on a day like that," she added.



One woman suggested a difference use for the homemade lasagna.

"I would've smashed that family sized lasagne right in his FACE," she wrote.

One father wanted to reassure all of Sophie's readers that man hangovers were much, much worse.

"You should know by now that a man-hangover is much, much worse... it's like man-flu. Women just don't understand," he joked.

Naturally, some tried to argue that the blogger should have thought twice about shaming her husband so publicly online when he was so clearly 'under the weather'.

"My husband is a pretty stand up kind of guy - with a cracking sense of humour, which is why he was on board with my posting this!" Sophie reassured her readers.

And as for why she didn't order take-away instead of cooking dinner from scratch?

"I would have ordered a Dominos but my one year old had already eaten a Big Mac for breakfast, so I felt the additional fat and salt was excessive..."

Now that's what we call relatable.

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