The mother-daughter photo an Aussie mum was almost too afraid to post.

There’s a great parenting debate that’s raged on way before parents had access to cameras. Kissing your child on the lips, is it okay?

Weird, uncomfortable, icky, not a big deal, completely fine – the image dredges up many polarising emotions and words that have seen parents who post photos of themselves and their child kissing subjected to a social media backlash.

However, NSW-based blogger Stevie, behind parenting and lifestyle blog My Tribe of Six ,would very much like to debunk any negative stereotypes associated with giving your child a smooch.

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Niki joins the likes of Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Hilary Duff, Jessica Alba and Olivia Wilde, all of whom have been criticised for their actions when sharing a peck on the lips with their little ones.

Posting the picture on Instagram to her 19.5k strong fan-base, in the caption Niki wrote how initially she was hesitant about “sharing this beautiful photo of my daughter and I” for fear of being parent shamed, but ultimately decided to do it.

The honestly [un]Offending photo in question. Image via Instagram.

"How sad is that? that i even entertained that thought. That, that even happened. That i had to question posting this and that someone was shamed for doing the same thing?

"Its crazy what we go through as parents, the shaming... the shaming from fellow parents.

"We are honestly damned if we do and damned if we don't," she wrote.


Instead, Stevie's fans have only come out in support, with many pro-smoochers saying that they will do so until their child becomes uncomfortable with it, like Instagram user renofdragons.

"My little guy (he's 2) always goes in for the lip kiss, with a big ol "MUAH" sound and maybe some drool ???? One day he may feel uncomfortable doing this, but for now I'll take his unbridled innocent affection and cherish it in my heart ❤," she wrote.

What do you think? Should we stop policing parents that take photos of them kissing their children on the lips? Should there me an age limitation? Tell us in the comments below.

Ragingmama84 also agreed stating that it's a "personal preference".

"My parents always did cheek kisses and I just continued ‘our’ way of doing it but I know loads of mamas and papas that do the lip kisses, for me to do it now would feel odd and forced but never bothered me how people do it.

"Tbh when celebrities release pics and posts people who dislike them will just find things to pick holes in. Probably find majority of those people do it themselves ????"

Ultimately Stevie said it best:

"Anyway, I love her stinkin' guts - my little wild child.. and thats the only caption this photo needed".

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