Mum gives birth in hospital doorway in under a minute while husband parks.

There’s hoping for a quick delivery when giving birth, and there’s giving birth in under a minute in the doorway of the hospital.

Jessica Stubbins experienced the  latter, giving birth to her baby Lucy faster than you can blink and say ‘What?!’

The UK mum appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning to recount the moment she ran into the hospital, only to catch her baby before she had even made into the hospital foyer. Her husband Tom, meanwhile, was parking the car.

“I tried to close the door really quick and as I got out, I knew she was on her way,” the mum-of-two told the show.

Jessica Stubbins giving birth.Image via Good Morning Britain. 
Jessica Stubbins with her new baby. Image via Good Morning Britain.

Tom told the program by the time he had run in from parking the car only 30m away he had a new daughter in his wife's arms and overly and unnecessarily apologetic wife.

"She felt really guilty because I missed it, and I was just in absolute shock, I didn't know what was happening!"

Luckily, a nurse by the name of Gemma Hoeft was on her way to taking a break when she a heard a scream and ran to Jessica's aid.

"Initially I thought it was a labour room window open and thought someone was just very loud," she also told the program.

The nurses at the scene. Image via Good Morning Britain. 

"But then I heard footsteps, and I turned around and saw Tom running, so I looked in the entrance and could see Jessica stooped over.

"I thought, 'That girl's not going to make it', so I ran, but by the time I made it Jessica was still stooped over but when I looked she had little Lucy in her arms."

Not a complete amateur when it comes to giving birth, Jessica was able to untangle Lucy from her umbilical cord herself, while Gemma took off her jacket and wrapped the new baby up.

"It was surreal, like something off a film."

Jessica explained to the show that she had initially visited the hospital earlier that day as she began to feel her labour escalating, but turned around and went home after thinking it was perhaps just a false alarm.

A false alarm it was, but the couple have a happy and healthy baby and a remarkable story to tell.