A mum-to-be asks the internet: “What are your opinions on this name for my baby?”

There is a lesson to be learned here and let’s start with it.

Don’t ask for advice on a baby name if you have your heart set on it.

Don’t put it out for public discourse.

Don’t ask for opinions.

Keep it to yourself because no one is going to tell you your sweet milky little newborn’s name reminds them of a cream for a vaginal rash once she’s born.

Before the birth though…. that’s a different story.

She asked for advice on her daughter's potential name. Image via IStock.

A pregnant woman has learned this the hard way by asking for opinions on her choice of name for her soon-to-be-born baby girl.

Only to be flooded with nearly 100 honest opinions, and not one of them favourable.

You imagine the mum, who posts under the name 16TMoore went to mum’s chatsite Mumsnet with the best of intentions, probably expecting a few answers, a bit of negativity from some but overall just some nice answers right?

Er no..

She began her post: “Hi, opinions on the name Felicula?"

The first answer, right off the bat, “It sounds either steam punk or slightly like a piece of surgical apparatus to me. Sorry.”

Just seconds later “Awful”

Then she was told “Absolutely horrendous and I class some very out there names as cool and acceptable.”

The mum went to chatsite Mumsnet for advice. We would not recommend.

On and on the comments came.

“Sounds like a hybrid of funicular (as in railway) and peculiar. With something a bit gynaecological thrown into the mix for luck.”


“Not a fan sorry, it sounds like a disease.”

Another “Sounds like a disease, or else something porn-related. Please don't inflict it on a poor little innocent baby.”

One poster, named Twigletsmakemeviolent wrote: It's certainly unusual! And sounds a lot like the Spanish for film (pelicula). That's as diplomatic as I can get.”

Mumsnet commenters... did not hold back.

The pregnant mum tried to convince her fellow mums of it’s worth “I heard it and just fell in love!” she said.

But again she was told, twice, by two separate posters: “awful”.

One poster named Shatnor’s Bassoon wrote: "It sounds too much like funicular, which is also an unpleasant word."

Many just said "awful!". Via IStock.

The next comment “It sounds like a deadly desease [sic].”

The answers continued: “I hope this is a joke! I read it and saw felatio.”

Others agreed “fellatio, fistula, all kinds of not great associations there.

Another, “Sounds like something you would buy at a pharmacy for a vaginal rash.”

Or: “It's hideous. Sounds like an obscure body part.”

A few people said it reminded them of “Dracula”.

One said, “This is a disease that requires a trip to the STD clinic.”

But most just went with “it’s really, really awful”.

"Please, don't."

Her story comes after another woman asked advice from friends on a name she sought for her unborn son from a naming professional, The Name Sage. She also found her friends weren’t quite as enamored with the choice as she was.

The Mirror reports that another mum Jocelyn had been suggested the name Riggins Blake but was told it was odd and strange. One person telling her: "I do… think that sometimes, you do have to open your ears and hear what people are saying."

Which is exactly what the mum with her heart set on the name 'Felicula' decided.

"Vaginal connotations." Look, there's nothing like strangers on the internet for some honesty.

After one last  “I think it has vaginal connotations” she informed the mums she’d now changed her mind.

“Thanks everyone,” she wrote “Obviously the hormones…"

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